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monday-motivation-she-makes-cents Interview with Founder of, Danielle Y. Boler

Back in March, I was contacted by a Editorial Assistant for Mint asking if I would be interested in doing an interview.  I interview people all the time, but rarely am I on the other side of questions.  Excited and a little nervous, I agreed.  Yesterday, they  contacted me to let me know that the interview was published. 

Check out an excerpt from my interview below:

Personal Finance Interview with Danielle Boler on Women and Personal Finance for

Danielle Boler- Creator of She Makes Cents copyDanielle Boler hopes to start a conversation about how women can make smarter financial decisions and live a fabulous life on her blog She Makes Cents. When it comes to how women view money compared to men, Danielle says she believes women are more cautious – which can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, saving more creates a good cushion for emergencies and other unforeseen events, but it can also prevent big financial gain. “Some believe it’s because women are not confident in making big financial decisions. I’m inclined to disagree,” she says. “When armed with the proper tools to make sound financial choices, women prove to be confident, powerful and commanding in their financial choices.” In the end, diversifying your financial portfolio (no matter what your gender) is important on every income level to make your money work for you, she says.

We recently checked out with the sassy blogger to learn more about her site and get her take on personal finance. Here’s what she had to say:

Click here to read the full interview and find out financial freedom is important!

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{GratiTuesday} Cheers to Being Prosperous & Productive in 2014!

We are only one month and four days into the new year and I have heard several people say they need a do over. A good friend of mine even messaged me to let me know that she was planning on celebrating the New Year AGAIN as sort of a mental refresh.  I came across this and it gave me the refresh I needed to help me tweak my outlook on this strange year, thus far.  I am thankful to see a new year and a new day and I am going to live the life I always imagined.  That may mean making some changes, but I will have a positive, prosperous, and productive 2014 and I wish you the same.

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{Twice the Charm} Happy Birthday She Makes Cents!!!

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{SMC Change the World Party} Nominate Your Favorite Charity!

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. – Harriet Tubman

Love is greater than Money!

Tomorrow March 1, 2013, we will be celebrating the two-year mark for She Makes Cents!  I am asking my friends, family, fellow bloggers, fashionistas, and SMC readers to empty out their pockets, clean between their sofas, and clear out their change trays. Why, you may ask?- to use their “cents” to help change the world, of course.  In honor of our 2nd Blogiversary, we are hosting a “Change the World” party and you can help!   

What is a “Change the World” Party?

My hope for the SMC Change the World party is that guests will bring their extra change, cash, and checks to go into a piggy bank to be donated to a non-profit of your (SMC readers) choosing.  That’s right, for the entire month of March, you can send suggestions of worthy non-profits and the SMC team will pick the top 3!  Once the top three choices are selected, SMC readers will vote on the recipient of whatever funds are raised at the Change the World Party.  Remember, you don’t have to be rich to give back.  I think about it like this.  In high school, my competition cheer team did a fundraiser asking people to give the change in their pockets to help us pay for travel to our State competition.  We raised $3,000 in one week!  That just goes to show that even small amounts add up to big payoffs…especially for someone in need. Only submissions meeting the following criteria will be considered:

Entries must be submitted in the comments section of this post and must be no longer than 350 words. It must be original, authentic, unpublished, the sole property of the entrant, and not previously submitted in any other contest.  The submission must include the name of the charity, information about the cause (i.e. how it helps others) and why you feel strongly about it.  Entries must be received by Monday, April 1, 2013 at midnight (EST).  No duplicate submissions from the same email account will be selected. 

The Fine Print: By submitting an entry, an entrant agrees to allow She Makes Cents (SMC) to use his or her name to post on the She Makes Cents site and other social media networks.. All entries and all rights of ownership in and to the entries, including all rights to use, reproduce, publish, modify, edit, and distribute the same will become the exclusive property of SMC. SMC reserves the right to edit, modify, adapt, copyright, publish, use, and reproduce any and all entries.  Contest void where prohibited or restricted by law.

We Can Wait for the World to Change or We Can Change it Ourselves!

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{Wise Words} Be Grateful!


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{Eat on the Cheap} Healthy Eating on a Budget

I got this question in from a reader who connected with me through my!

Hello there! I am curious, I am wanting to start using the envelope method but I’m wondering how to go about spending the amount given for me in the grocery amount when on a diet. Diets are super hard to stick to especially when you are on low budget. Any advice?

MyKudos to you for making two great decisions eating clean and trying not to go into debt doing so. The envelope system, by Dave Ramsey, is such a wonder tool that has helped me reshape how I think about money. Truthfully, it may take a few visits to the grocery store for you to figure out exactly how much goes into your grocery envelope. My latest goal that I have implemented into my own life is to set realistic goals. Once you figure out how much is realistic to spend for your budget, lifestyle, and family size, then you are really to maintain a consistent amount every check.

My second recommendation would be to plan your meals on a weekly basis and make a grocery list based on the meals you plan to cook. There are a number of sources that provide recipes to help you eat cleaner by planning your meals in advanced. Choose My Plate is a government website that helps you plan motivational menus on a 2000 calorie diet, provides tips to help you save, and suggests foods that are great for your diet. Here is an example of a sample menu for the week. Another great source is Pinterest, which is filled with thousands of recipes from people across the web who share similar tastes and goals as you. Now that you have an idea of what you want to prepare for the week, then it is time to make the all important grocery list. I really like this grocery list from MomAgendga and I recommend never stepping into a grocery store without a completed list.

Other tips to consider:

  • Never shop on an empty stomach…it often causes people to over shop and over spend.
  • Wear your most fabulous heels to the grocery store: Look good, feel good, right? Well, yes… but wearing your most fabulous heels (which often ends up being the ones that hurt the most) will force you to stay on track so you can get exactly what you need and get out of there so you can get home to more comfy shoes or…no shoes at all. It may sound crazy, but I keep my heels on after work ONLY on days when I have to run errands where I may be tempted to spend!
  • Get a shopping/accountability buddy: My good friend, Kema and I used to make our grocery lists and go shopping together. It made the experience fun, we used that time to catch up, and we helped each other stay on target and budget.

For other tips, check out these 10 tips from Choose My Plate on Eating on a Better Budget

What is your favorite budget shopping tip?


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{Kiss & Makeup} I Should Have Tossed My Old Makeup…When?

I am getting a head start on my “out with the old, in with the new” in preparation for 2013. Admittedly, I am a beauty product junkie. I love trying the latest colors in nail polishes, textures in foundations, and scents of the newest perfumes, which is probably why I love Birchbox so much! I’m sure I have plenty of makeup that needs to be replenished and it’s a project I take on when I’m in one of those “toss everything” type of moods, otherwise I feel like I’m throwing my dollars spent on these products…right down the drain. Trends change, peoples taste change, however, the number one reason why this beauty product purge is so important is purely scientific. Like food, the components that makeup everyone’s favorite beauty products eventually goes bad. For those brave enough to continue to use old products, beware…

How long should I keep makeup in my kit?

Mascara: is a must for everyday wear! “This is the makeup item you should be most vigilant about: As the brush is taken out, applied, and put back in the tube, it brings with it any bacteria that has collected along the way”, explains cosmetic chemist Jim Hammer in an article for Allure Magazine. Can you say eww? Don’t wait until your mascara is clunky and hard to get back in the tube, at that point you are risking pinkeye and sties.

Lip gloss/Lipstick: Lip gloss is my second must for everyday wear. On a basic level, I rock the CO Bigelow Mentha lip shine EVERYDAY!!! They run about $7.00 a tube, however I wait until the after Christmas sale from Bath and Body Works and I get the holiday gift set of about 10 tubes for $7.00. I usually grab two packs and they last me about a year. Good thing the shelf life of lip gloss and lip stick is ONE YEAR!

Eye shadows: Without looking in my vanity and makeup kit, I know I have some eye shadows that are in dire need of being tossed. For whatever reason I keep them because I LOVE the color or it reminds me of ….idk, something, or I again, feel bad about throwing away a $20 eye shadow I may have only used twice. But when you think of all the gross bacteria that over time accumulates on your products, it is safe  to say that after 3 months, they should be tossed.   If you are still feeling bad about tossing eye shadows, check out this alternative for tossing old eye shadows from the blog Never too Much Glitter.  This blogger takes recycling to a whole other pretty level.  I bet you never thought you could turn eye shadow into nail polish, did you?

Foundation: I only wear foundation on my face for special occasions and when I want my face to be one consistent color. I do, however, use it almost every day as a base on my eyelids. This should be replaced every 6 month to a year. If you wear creamy foundation, you should stay more on the 6 months side of the timeframe.

Nail Polish: Guess what, nail polish does not attract bacteria. You can keep it as long as it is not thick and chunky!!! Whoo hoo!

Operation “Kiss & Makeup” starts this week for me, how about you?

What products do you need to toss TODAY?

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{Money Journal} The Pros and Cons to Credit Card Upgrades

On a given week, my mailbox is flooded with credit cards upgrade offers that I immediately place in the recycle bin. It wasn’t until about a month or two ago that I received two separate offers that made me go hmmm…, maybe I should find out more. So off to the bank I went to speak with a representative about the Limitless Card and the Cash Back card.

The Limitless Card

The first offer that intrigued me was one the limitless card, known to me as the Discipline Tester. I sparingly use my card anyway, so a limitless card would actually help boost my credit score because it eliminates the debit to credit ratio for that card. There are several downsides to this type of card, though. For those who are not careful, the limitless factor could entice one to live beyond one’s means; thus, putting the cardholder further into debt. Another disadvantage to this type of card is the higher interest associated with the card… like say around 22%, which would skyrocket even more if you were ever late for a payment. In my opinion, this card is a NO GO!

The Cash Back Card

A cash back credit card is one that offers a percentage spent back to the card holder. It’s great because you can get money back for things you would buy anyway, like gas, groceries, and sometimes travel expenses. It’s also great, because you can have the cash received applied to your credit card bill, into a checking or savings, or in some cases applied to your mortgage. It’s downside- some people get so caught up in the cash rewards that they spend more than they were initially planning on saving. Therefore, you are basically spending money to get a deal…again, NOT GOOD!

Between the two cards, I did choose to upgrade to the cash back card. I found myself briefly falling into the spending trap of the cash rewards card. On a positive note, the cash back rewards seem to be accumulating much faster than the reward points system of my previous card and I will use that money to in turn, pay down my debt.  More updates to come as I feel how it is working out.

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