{Wise Words} Quote of the Week

This is an oldie, but goodie.  Instead of doing my normal “Wise Words“, I’d like to share a quote with you that shows, it’s not smart to mess with a smart woman.  During a radio interview with Sway and Lauren Conrad, a caller asked her, “What’s Your Favorite Position”?  Her answer, well, it’s a classic! 


Oh Lauren Conrad… I remember being in high school watching her on MTV during her high school days in Laguna and then her Teen Vogue days in Hollywood.   Now she is all grown up and clearly a Woman to Watch. 

{Health & Beauty} How to Save Broken Makeup

This is an awesome and FREE beauty tip from the lovely girls over at The Beauty Department( TBD ) Lauren Conrad, Kristin Ess and Amy Nadine; who if you are not currently following, you should be .  I love The Beauty Department  because they have tons of great tips and tricks. Just the other day, I broke one of my favorite eyeshadow and was looking for a way to save it before having to replace it. Since it was brand new, I didn’t see myself going into my money envelope for yet another shade of purple eyeshadow, so I went on a hunt to find an easy fix… and voila, this is what I found.  This reminds me of when Denia taught us how to save broken lipstick.

Check it out!


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Vintage Hair Styles at Home

I love vintage style and I especially love the Veronica Lake wave look for my hair. Here is another simpler way to recreate the look at home….

{via The Beauty Department}

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