{Fashion DIY} Fabulous Monogrammed Wristlet

I came across this picture sometime last week while browsing through Pinterest and I fell in love. It’s a Fashion DIY from the blog, Little Green Notebook. Based off the great job that Jenny did, I thought I would try it. August is a busy month for birthdays (including mine) and I thought something cute, simple, personalized, and most important, not terribly expensive, would be a great gift.  I thought to myself, buying something like this will cost you $$$, but DIYing it could be fun and worth and the savings.  So immediately, the Mr. and I drove to the closest H&M to see what wristlet I could find to try this project out on. Unfortunately, I did not see the same pattern as pictured below, but it made me remember this cute little Chevron patterned wristlet I saw on Esty (I’m totally going through a Chevron phase). 

Check out my inspiration picture!

Pinned Image

Photo Credit: Little Green Notebook

Click here to see Jenny’s project from start to finish!

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Wedding Programs: Buy vs. DIY

Weddings are expensive and it isn’t until you are preparing for your big day or the big day of someone close to you that you realize just what goes into it. In Operation Wedding, I told you that this wedding experience could reveal the possibility of a Buy vs. D.I.Y post. Well SMC readers, this is it!! Wedding Programs- Buy or D.I.Y?

Here are some pictures I used to get some inspiration:

There should be no surprise that I chose to DIY vs. Buy for this particular project. Financially, it appears to be more economically feasible to just make your own or someone else’s programs if you enjoy creative projects, which I do. Usually arts and craft projects relax me, but this time that was not the case. Between the weight of the deadline, the storms that kept knocking the power out (the same storm that caused the bride to be locked inside of a Hallmark store 2 days before the wedding, by the way), printer issues, and the pressure to get it just right, I almost lost my mind. Looking back, I learned A LOT about paper¸ people, programs, & printers and for the insight I gained, I am thankful for the experience. Bottom line is… I love my sister and my brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip D. Williams, and I hope that they liked the programs and dinner menus that came from a place of love.

So that takes me back to the original question, Should you Buy vs. DIY? I’m still not exactly sure. Knowing what I know now, the process would be significantly smoother if I ever chose to do something like this again. See how the programs and dinner menu turned out, click here.

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Buy vs. DIY: Wallpaper vs. Stencils

Click here to see the finished product of my guest bathroom!

People who know me well, know that I take extreme pleasure in de-cluttering, designing, and decorating residential spaces; specifically my own.  Currently, I am obsessed with large print wallpaper that I would love to put in my own home.  Here are a few examples of my latest home décor obsession:

Polished Beauty Lounge

Graham & Brown- Purple Damask

Graham & Brown Diva Wallpaper

At roughly $70.00 per roll, is it in your budget? Is it something you will still be in LOVE with in five years? If not, here are a few options with less commitment that won’t break the bank.  Two words for you…. WALL STENCILS.  Yes, they take time, effort, and most of all patience, but are they worth it.  Here are some of my inspiration pictures:

Wall Stencil


All you need for this project is the actual stencil, a pencil, some paint (I like metallic paint), and I would suggest some repositional spray adhesive.  To see my guest  bathroom transform from boring to my favorite wallpaper look for less, stay tuned.

What do you think?  Would you BUY the wallpaper or DIY the wall stencil?  We would love to hear from you!