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By definition, gratitude is the quality or feeling of being grateful.  It is a characteristic that some people naturally possess and that others can cultivate to greatly influence one’s overall happiness and well-being.  According to Psychology Today, “studies show that we can deliberately cultivate gratitude and can increase our well-being and happiness by doing so. In addition, gratefulness—and especially the expression of it to others—is associated with increased energy, optimism, and empathy”.    In the spirit of deliberately cultivating gratitude, I plan to start the week with a gratitude list and I invite you to join me.

Make Your Gratitude List

That’s right, grab a piece of paper and pen and take the next minute to make a list of the all the things in the past 24 hours that you are grateful for.  Seriously, don’t spend more than one minute doing this and don’t over think or judge yourself for something that you think is silly.  This exercise is simply to retrain your brain to recognize the daily blessings and the positive things and moments in your life.

Writer and motivational speaker, William Arthur Ward, once said, “Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”  Let’s kick off this week with intention and gratitude and see how our overall happiness and well-being is positively affected.


{2015 Vision Board Preview} I Resolve Not To Be Cheap, Easy, Fast, or Fake!

A Vision in the Making

Happy 1st Saturday of the year lovelies!  I hope that it has been a good one thus far.  Hopefully you have had a chance get your Bingo Style Money Sheet and have crossed off your first box.  This morning, I am live blogging to you about a “vision in the making”.  With PJs on and a laptop in the bed, I have decided it is time to get my vision board together.  Instead of doing one large board, I have decided to break mine down into six categories and refine my focus in those areas of my life- Danielle Y. Boler as a Brand, Vocation, Health, Personal Relationships, Social, and Wealth.  I will have them printed and I plan to frame them in my office, closet, and in my day planner.  This morning I am focusing on being mentally, spiritually, and physically Healthy.  This photo below is just a glimpse of what I am thinking and positively projecting for this year and beyond:

fruit infused voss water

For me, this photo is a reminder to be more conscience of what I’m putting into my body.  Be knowledgeable about where my food is coming from, but most important to remember that you are what you eat.  That being said, I resolve to not be cheap, easy, fast, or fake!cropped-logo-twitter2014.jpg

What are your more healthy resolutions?

Please share below!


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{Every Woman Should Have} 50 Fabulously Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits

{FREE Personal Training} Fitness That Saves Cents Makes Sense

Free for SMC Readers!

Trainer KimF offers FREE ONLINE classes with the special code from http:/shemakescents.com
Trainer KimF offers FREE ONLINE classes with the special code from http:/shemakescents.com

It’s been a while since I posted about my girl, Kimberly Fleming, founder of Keep It Moving Fitness, but that time has come again. Lately, I have found myself looking for some sort of fitness inspiration when last week I received a lovely email her online personal training studio. Kim is offering FREE online personal training to readers of She Makes Cents via PowHow. PowHow is an online site that joins like-minded people with instructors who can provide feedback, motivation, and community through live online classes. Click here for more information and to see a complete list of Packages and Classes. Use coupon code: shemakescents to access your FREE class.  I myself am looking forward to her “Abs, Core, & Nothing More” class to get myself into shape just in time for SpelHouse homecoming 2012! 

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5 Healthy Spa Treatments You Can Do From Home

Credit: Andirou.tumblur.com

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{Every Woman Should Know…} How To Give a Self Breast Exam!

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women today. For women of all ages, the breast self-exam is a useful tool that is easy to do. It is used to look for unusual lumps, skin changes, or discharge. For most women, once-a-month exams are easy to remember, with the best time being about one week after the start of a period.  Click here to start receiving a FREE reminder email reminders for your self-exam.

Check out this Cheat Sheet:

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Fitness that Saves Cents Makes Sense

She Makes Cents is happy to introduce you to our newest guest blogger, Kimberly Fleming, for the series Fitness that Saves Cents Makes Sense . Kimberly aka KIMf is a writer and health/fitness nut who has a strong passion for everything that’s aimed at improving an individual’s overall lifestyle. Her love for exercise grew from her involvement in track & field sports as a child and continued through college. It taught her tenacity, endurance, and overall, how to finish any race that she starts in life despite how difficult it may seem.

Eventually a passion for running turned into a passion for all fitness components, which turned into a passion for teaching those components to others. Her goal is to bring knowledge to the world so that we no longer look at being fit as a burden. She wants to change the mindset that fitting a few minutes of exercise into our daily routine will set us back. Many of us know the importance of exercise and healthy eating, however in this cyber world full of emails, conference calls, and frequent status updating we need help implementing it in our lives. She wants to go beyond helping you shed a few pounds or gain a few muscles. Her vision is not for you to be able to close your eyes, hold your breath and walk past that donut stand that you love, but it is for you to stop at the donut stand, smile, and walk away because you don’t even desire it anymore. She wants to change your perception of healthy living. She Makes Cents, along with KIMf’s website and videos will help you place reasons/knowledge behind every step during your fitness program so that you can achieve a healthy lifestyle and not break the bank. I think she is awesome and it is through her youtube videos and my new found fitness discipline that I lost 2 inches in my waist in two weeks!!! I love Kim and you will too. Maybe you will recognize her work from Salt magazine or if you are from the Atlanta area, you have seen her in her grey and pink facilitating a boot camp. Either way check her out… while I work on my bikini body!

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