SMC Book Club: Boss Women Pray-31 Prayers to Increase Your Success & Spirit

Inspiration comes from many places. In my case, the inspiration for our next book club choice came from an Instagram story where another influencer, @theemmaroseagency, shared a screenshot of a page from a book she was… More

The Biggest Mistake Women Make During Career Introductions

As an avid reader of the Cosmo, I have been a fan of Joanna Coles, former Editor-In-Chief, since her early days of at the magazine.  She expanded the content to career advice, finances, and other… More

{Business Cents} How Your Memory Can Help You Stand Out

Photo Credit:  Professional Women’s Business Network I say that first impressions are everything but I would also  like to add that the little things matter too.  Let’s try a little experiment.  Raise your hand if… More

{Business Cents} Don’t Give A Damn If They Like You

“ The respect of those you respect is worth more than the applause of the multitude. ” — Arnold Glasow They Like Me, They Really Like Me Some of the best career advice I ever… More

{Business Cents} Preview to Like A Girl Series

Last week I posed the question to my female readers, are we [women] losing the corporate game because we are playing “like a girl”? This very question inspired our new Like a Girl series. What… More

{Business Cents} Is Thinking Like A Woman Not Enough to Become A Boss?

I like the quote “Act like a Lady, Think like a Boss”, but after admittedly over thinking it, it might not be as empowering as I once believed.  Perhaps, the shift in my thought process… More

{Women in Business} Lessons from Kell on Earth

Meet Kelly Cutrone! I used to watch the Bravo show Kell on Earth that followed fashion publicist, author, and mom, Kelly Curtone, and her team at the fashion PR firm People’s Revolution. While yes, I… More

{Business Cents} Habits of Successful Business Women

I was going through some old papers when I came across my notes from the Spring 2006 Career Night hosted by my alma mater, Spelman College. The theme for the evening was “To, Work, To Live,… More

{Business Cents} Every Woman Should Have a Professional Mentor

I know that everyone can benefit from a mentor-mentee relationship; however, I believe it’s even more imperative that every woman has a professional mentor…and a good one at that!   While I know it is easy to… More

{Women, Money, & Cosmo} The Debt Crisis No One Is Talking About

My favorite professor and teacher of all things “deep”, Dr. Michelle S. Hite, once told me that when you are fully engaged in research, you will start to see inspiration everywhere. I was researching women… More