{Women in Business} Lessons from Kell on Earth

Meet Kelly Cutrone!

Kelly CutroneI used to watch the Bravo show Kell on Earth that followed fashion publicist, author, and mom, Kelly Curtone, and her team at the fashion PR firm People’s Revolution. While yes, I loved the “reality” of this reality show, without knowing it, I was learning valuable life and business lessons. Perhaps, her most repeated note of advice to women comes from the title of one of her books- If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You.   I remember hearing her say this and thinking to myself, duh, I wouldn’t cry at work. That’s so unprofessional. My naiveté at my judgment of people who do this. While yes, tears in the workplace can be viewed as unprofessional, sometimes things happen where the scale of logic and emotion could be tipped in either direction. My lesson learned from Kelly Curtone, never let them see you sweat or cry!