{Business Cents} How Your Memory Can Help You Stand Out

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I say that first impressions are everything but I would also  like to add that the little things matter too.  Let’s try a little experiment.  Raise your hand if you have experienced this statement:

Nice to meet you.  I’ve already forgotten your name.

Did YOU forget the name or was YOUR name the one forgotten?  I experience both sides of this example on what seems like a daily basis when meeting with new clients.  I’m embarrassed to admit that; however, I have made the ability to recall names or better yet face/name recognition on my priority list of things to work on.  Remembering someone’s name makes them feel important, shows you are engaged, and makes you more likeable.  Todd Smith, in a blog post entitled The Value of Remembering Names sums it up nicely in a series of questions that hits close to home.  “Have you ever met someone for the first time who hardly looked you in your eyes, said the standard nice to meet you greeting without any authenticity behind their words and couldn’t remember your name five seconds later? What impression did this person make on you?

How Your Memory Can Help You Stand Out

Apparently, you tend to hear your own name instead of others when you are introduced to a new person. It takes a conscious effort to hear the other person’s name and in the world of shortening attention spans, people who actually make the effort to learn the name of another person, stand out.  I am working on it and one thing that helps is using the person’s name when speaking about them.  Remember, you want to stand out in a positive way and doesn’t it feel great when people remember you?   Check out these 10 Simple Tricks to Remembering Names that can help you make your  first impression be a lasting one…. you know, the good kind.

What are your tricks for remembering someone’s name?


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