{Super Charge Your 2015 Savings} 52 Week Money Challenge | Bingo Style


Can I get a “BINGO”?  It’s a new year, which means it is time for the 52 Week Money Challenge.  I can tell by looking into my stats for the She Makes Cents that people are researching ways to save money in … Continue reading

The Envelope System Saves $$$

SMC on The Envelope System

Someone pinned this picture on Pinterest of them dividing their money into different envelops as suggested by financial expert, Dave Ramsey. His explanation of the envelope system was simple and made cents/sense, so I thought I’d share it. My thoughts are in PINK, of course. … Continue reading

{Mobile Money} 3 Fool Proof Tips to Keep Your Mobile Banking Secure

Open Tabs On Phone

I remember not too long ago when mobile banking and payments was taboo.  It was thought to be unsafe by many people; a scary black hole in which unsuspecting users where trusting their entire financial lives.  Today, this is not … Continue reading

{Cash Is Fab} How One Girl Resolves to Never Use Plastic Again!

Currency in envelope

This morning I was cleaning out old files from the computer, aka procrastinating writing my next blog post, when I found an old resolution. I wrote in it December of 2013 but never posted it.   I decided to post it today, however, to … Continue reading

{2015 Vision Board Preview} I Resolve Not To Be Cheap, Easy, Fast, or Fake!

fruit infused voss water

A Vision in the Making Happy 1st Saturday of the year lovelies!  I hope that it has been a good one thus far.  Hopefully you have had a chance get your Bingo Style Money Sheet and have crossed off your … Continue reading

{Wise Words} Time Is Money

For those who know me personally, you know that I’m the type  who is all about time and the numbers.   I’m the girl who broke down how much she makes per minute to show just how much my time is valued in the workplace.  We have all heard it before that time is money; however, I guess I have always thought about it in terms of one’s career…especially when I was billing my time at one of Atlanta’s top law firms.  When thinking about time as currency, are you spending yours well?Time is Money

{Wise Words} The Path to Happiness is…

In honor of my “Word of the Year“, P-A-S-S-I-O-N, I’d like to share this quote from Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, author of Lean In, and overall empower-er of girl power in the workplace.   I choose the word passion because I resolve to be passionate in my thoughts because thoughts become actions before they become habits.  Imagine how divine the year will be once I am consistently and  habitually passionate about things that require my time (i.e. financial goals, career, self-improvement,and love)…just to name a few things one can be passionate about.  The focus and elevated motivation will help this new year be my best year! #SMCYearofPassionpassion pt 2

A Key Benefit of Parents Funding Their Children’s College Expenses

Stebo 016

I remember I asked the question on the SMC Facebook page, “Should parents help fund their children’s college expenses?”  The responses ranged from, “Oh, hell no” to “If I have the means, why not give back to the next generation”.  My Dad … Continue reading