{Giveaway} She Makes Cents Hits 20,000+

Sometimes life gets in the way of fun… and in my case, life has been getting in the way of me making my special announcement that shemakescents.com has hit 20,000 views. Well, we sort of hit it a little while ago, but this is the first opportunity to officially announce it. In honor of this second great milestone, the first was hitting the one year mark, we would like to thank our lovely readers with a giveaway!!! Giveaway rules and regulations will be posted here on May 1, 2012. Check back, for your chance to win!

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Vintage Hair Styles at Home

I love vintage style and I especially love the Veronica Lake wave look for my hair. Here is another simpler way to recreate the look at home….

{via The Beauty Department}

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{Generic Won’t Do} 5 Things “She” Can’t Be Frugal About

Denia’s 2 Cents!

Tampons– tried a brand other than pearl once, and I will never do it again.

Tissue– Charmin is #1; I blame my mother.

Coffee– Even though I patronize other coffees from time to time, Starbucks is definitely my main squeeze.

Pink Starbucks!

Soap-Dove never lets me down. The generic brand has never enticed me.

Makeup (specifically foundation)- MAC COSMETICS until I die. Okay, that was a little extreme but their brown shades match me like no other!

She Makes Cents

Ladies, what items can’t you be frugal about?

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Whose Lifestyle Are You Funding? Yours or HERS?

Are you trying to keep up with the Joneses?
How about the Housewives on Bravo? If so, you are probably guilty of spending money on the life you thought you lived, rather than the life you are actually living. The number of adults who try to emulate and even compete with their friends, foes, and even strangers on television is appalling. As a child of the entertainment industry, my parents told me at a rather young age that the majority of things you see on television are not real. What is real, though, is the increasing amount of debt that people are incurring doing this.

I was reading an article last week by author by April Dykman of Get Rich Slowly. The premise of the article was that idea that people spend for the lifestyle they want as opposed to the lifestyle one currently has. Dykman maintains that, “If you’re paying for a life you have only sometimes, you’re stealing from your most-of-the-time life. And breaking that habit can make you a whole lot happier”. This got me thinking… am I doing this? Am I spending for the lifestyle I want versus the lifestyle I have? In being honest, I’m not entirely sure. Dykman continues, “I tend to give too much thought to what I do once in a while and not enough weight to what I do every day. For example, I wear running shoes 29 days out of 30 days a month, yet I have three pairs of black flats and only one pair of running shoes.”

Click here to read Dykman’s Save on The Things You Do Daily .

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Give It To Your Woman, It’s Her Job

Just recently, I did a post about how every woman should know how to set a table. Should I have written one about how every woman should know how to wash her man’s jeans?  LOL…I think NOT!  Bad press is better than no press, right? Well, I’m not too sure about that. I was reading my morning edition on my iPad when this popped up. It was a picture taken by Emily Barnett, a staff writer for The Daily Telegraph, of the inside of her boyfriend’s jeans.  Like most laundry tags, this one gives launder instructions and then gives the option to just “give it to your woman”. On one hand, I was not familiar with Madhouse Jeans before this morning. On the other hand, I doubt very seriously that they will get my business. Not that I’m getting all self-righteous or anything, I just don’t think it’s cute. These are jeans for MEN, so I don’t think this is an issue of someone being influenced by a sexist message, but rather me claiming my worth as a woman. Sorry honey, it’s not my JOB to wash your jeans. What I’m sure is supposed to be funny just comes off as offensive. I will save money because they won’t get mine. Just my two cents…

I can’t wait to hear what you think about this:

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Negative Job Growth for the Millennials….

I can’t say that I agree with HOW the information is presented.  “The Best Generation Ever” statement is one that leaves quite a few to disagree. I always hear people talking about how this generation is so different…and they don’t mean it in a good way.  While some may consider the Millenials the “Best Generation Ever” others are also quick to add that there seems to be disconnect between the work ethic of previous generations and the habits and work product of this 21st century generation.  Advances in technology make almost everything easier which only fuels proponents to the idea of the new “lazy generation” point. What I did find interesting is that this study found the job growth for millennials is in the negative percentile.  Pinned Image

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{Happy Birthday} She Makes Cents Turns One!!!

Happy Birthday SMC!!!!

she makes cents has hit the one-year mark.  Congrats to all of my fabulous followers for joining me on my journey to being financially free and fabulous.  To celebrate, we are proud to announce that we are now:


Danielle & Denia

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{Fab Alert} Honesty is Fabulous& Free!

So I took a little hiatus…okay, well a longer one than expected, but I am back with a vengeance. I needed some time to have new experiences so that I can have something exciting yet honest to write about. To be honest, the original idea behind this site was to inform and inspire ways to use your “cents” to live a fab life. Along the way, I believe I got off target.  So as we prepare for our upcoming one year mark (March 1stJ), I want to take things back to basics.  To do so, I’ll start with a simple question; what is the fab lifeMy answer could be ever-changing, but at the moment, great people, great food, great fashions, great adventures, great love, great leaps of faith, and a greatly styled place to come home to.

Fab People

Fab Fashions

Fab Adventures

Fab Love

Fab Faith

Fab Home

 So that is what I’m going to write about…how to get the fab life without breaking the bank, my budget, or my financial integrity. I hope you join me along the way and learn from both my successes and my failures. That’s life and sometimes, you don’t learn the lesson until you fall on your face and have to get back up.

Talk to me! What is the “fab life” to you?


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5 Benefits of Thrifting


Thrifting is not only a great way to save money, but it also provides you with the opportunity to attain rare pieces that set your wardrobe apart from the next person. Aside from creative pieces, thrifting is comparable to diving in a fashion time machine, if you will. I say this because when thrifting, you get to see how trends have changed and how our clothing has not only evolved, but also repeated itself.

Thrifting is great for…

  1. Broke College Students (that would be me).
  2. Costume + Performance attire.
  3. Home Décor
  4. Passing the time without breaking the bank
  5. Gag Gift Shopping

TOP THREE trends I’m seeing in thrift shops now that are trendy even today!

  1. High-waist denim shorts
  2. Patterned Tops
  3. Boyfriend Blazers

A few TOP thrift shopping destinations in the greater Atlanta area:

  1. Rag-O-Rama
  2. Goodwill
  3. Psycho Sisters
  4. Plato’s Closet


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3 Easy Hair Styles to Save Your Hair and Money

Saving Money + Healthy Hair = Awesome Pair

So there’s a new way to save money: Protective Styling! What are protective styles, you might ask? Protective styles are styles done on your hair (whether relaxed or natural), that encourage growth by using little to no heat, keeping moisture on the ends of your hair, and limiting the wear and tear on your hair. Here are a few on my personal favorites I decided to share with She Makes Cents! The benefit of these styles is that they require little to no money because you can do them yourself and with very little product!

The BUN:

Natural Hair Bun

Celebrity Hair styles

There’s an awesome
post and video over that I posted to Ruby Woo Blog (check it out here) on bunning. However, you can never go wrong with an elegant bun. It’s chic and cute, and allows you to show off your baddest set of earrings. Buns also completely hide the ends of your hair so that they can stay moisturized and avoid brushing against your hair all day. Buns can be styled on both wet and dry hair.


Braid-outs and Twist-Outs can actually yield a lot of different looks. This style can be done on wet or dry hair, and basically you braid or two strand twist your hair in the direction youwish it to flow, and once you let it completely dry, you take them down for a very uniform curly look. Be careful, however, the key here is allowing your hair to completely dry. If you don’t, the curlier your hair is, the less defined it will look.

African American Hair


So, this is actually a permanent style unless you intend on cutting them off. However, as per an article I read at K is for Kinky, you can reach optimum growth as far as length with your hair locked.


Wash and go’s are self explanatory. Well, kind of. What you do it wash your hair as usual, and then you proceed to apply your favorite leave in conditioner throughout your strands, or you can use no product. Anyway, after you’re done you’re good and ready to go!


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