Watching for Spring!!

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My favorite season is here, which means it’s time to start packing away my fall/winter stuff and refresh my life and look for spring. One way I prepare myself for spring is by cleaning out my closet.

I am all about donating my old clothes and accessories that do not fit properly or no longer fit my style, but if I can sell them, I will. I am good for selling clothes to Rag-O-Rama in Atlanta and other consignment stores. Whatever they don’t take, I donate to a shelter, clothing drive, or the Goodwill. I used to have a hard time letting go of clothes because I attached a memory to them or I used to tell myself that I wear it one day…now I think how someone else can benefit from buying them at a price that’s in their budget.

Plus, getting rid of the old makes room for the new! Old me would have just bought whatever without a thought. Adult Danielle now takes into consideration the “adult bills” she is now responsible for…. that doesn’t mean I lose the fab, it just means I use my “cents”.  Thanks to my Mr., my newest style obsession is the bracelet/watch look and I plan on using the money I get from selling to consignment stores to go toward the “Danielle needs a cute new watch fund“. 

I love the layered look like this:

These are my top contenders for achieving my watch style for Spring!

What are you saving for!


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5 Benefits of Thrifting


Thrifting is not only a great way to save money, but it also provides you with the opportunity to attain rare pieces that set your wardrobe apart from the next person. Aside from creative pieces, thrifting is comparable to diving in a fashion time machine, if you will. I say this because when thrifting, you get to see how trends have changed and how our clothing has not only evolved, but also repeated itself.

Thrifting is great for…

  1. Broke College Students (that would be me).
  2. Costume + Performance attire.
  3. Home Décor
  4. Passing the time without breaking the bank
  5. Gag Gift Shopping

TOP THREE trends I’m seeing in thrift shops now that are trendy even today!

  1. High-waist denim shorts
  2. Patterned Tops
  3. Boyfriend Blazers

A few TOP thrift shopping destinations in the greater Atlanta area:

  1. Rag-O-Rama
  2. Goodwill
  3. Psycho Sisters
  4. Plato’s Closet


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