{Mobile Money} 3 Fool Proof Tips to Keep Your Mobile Banking Secure

I remember not too long ago when mobile banking and payments was taboo.  It was thought to be unsafe by many people; a scary black hole in which unsuspecting users where trusting their entire financial lives.  Today, this is not the case.  Even with constant public breaches of personal information, consumer comfort seems to be at an all time high.  Instead of the traditional wallet with several forms of payment, people are leaning on the convenience of the mobile wallet. Perhaps, it is the evolution of technology and one’s daily mastery use of it or even the ease of access that makes cashing a check by taking a picture instead of driving to the bank, that much more appealing.  With an estimated $8.6 billion (that’s billion with a “B”) annually of card payments fraud, what should you do to keep your money and information secure?

tumblr_n699bwWDTS1s322uwo1_500Free Wifi + Mobile Payments = No Bueno. Logging on to free Wi-Fi in public spacing is like holding up a neon sign saying, “Please rob me”.  The reason for this is that public Wi-Fi is simply that…..public.  It is not encrypted since you don’t have to enter a password for access.  That is to say, that those who also share the network with you have access to certain sites you visit, even those with the https:// in front of it, which denotes a secured website.  Want to keep your access secure white using public Wi-Fi?  To start, only visit sites that don’t require you to enter a password like SheMakesCents.

Open Tabs On PhoneLog Out.  When you sign into your mobile banking, look at the balance of your student loans, or pay a bill through online bill pay, it is imperative that you not only log out when finished, but close the tab.  Cell phones and other mobile devices store so much of your private information that has the ability to collect your personal data when you visit other sites.  Think about it, if you had your banking tab open at the same time as your Facebook tab, for instance, you might start seeing banking ads in your timeline.

apple_pay_credit_cards_primary-100413350-primary.idgeStored Mobile Payment Information.  Keep track of the apps that you allow to store your payment information.  With all the conveniences of iTunes, services like Zifity who bring food to your front door, Uber who provides car service and even Fandango the movie ticket savior (I hate standing in long lines) it’s easy to lose track of who has access to your credit card/ banking information for mobile payments.

To enjoy the convenience of mobile banking and payments, is to make smart decisions, be as proactive as you can to protect your devices and access to your information.  Data breaches happen and for those highly skilled hackers these tip may not matter. But if you are on top these fool proof suggestions, it can make it harder for the average Joe to prevail in robbing you blind.

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{Super Charge Your 2015 Savings} 52 Week Money Challenge | Bingo Style

Can I get a “BINGO”?  It’s a new year, which means it is time for the 52 Week Money Challenge.  I can tell by looking into my stats for the She Makes Cents that people are researching ways to save money in the new year. I mean really, we can all do something a little different with our financial decisions that will set us up for financial success.  For the past two years now, I have taken part in the 52 Week Money Challenge.  In participating for the past two years, I created a simpler way to save that was both lucrative and effortless.  My She Makes Cents Bingo Style Sheet, free for She Makes Cents readers, has made it easier for those participating in the challenge to save money on one’s own terms.  Using my Bingo Style Sheet has helped me to pay off my credit card debt, save for the holidays, and start saving for my wedding in October.  

52 Week Challenge

How Does It Work?

The original challenge was to make a weekly deposit that reflects the number of weeks of the year. For example, on week one you deposit $1.00 and on week 27 you deposit $27.00 and so on.  However, doing it this way will have you shelling out the big bucks during the holidays when people’s money is the most limited.   I thought to myself…”Danielle, how can you find a way to honor the challenge in a way that will not hurt you financially”?  Then I came up with the idea to create a “bingo” style format.  At the end of the year, I would still end up with the same amount of $1378.00 (without doing any of the bonuses) and if I am having a tough financial week, I can pick a lower amount to save.  The good thing about the bingo challenge is that you are able to start at any time and if you get off track, it’s easy to see where you need to make it up to get back on track.

Still Need Motivation?

I will post my progress on Fridays and I invite you to keep us up to date on your progress.  I love hearing your stories of how you are doing in the challenge and the financial milestones you have accomplished by making saving a habit of your daily life.  Sometimes doing it with a friend or even a blogger like me, keeps you better motivated since  you aren’t in it alone.  If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, shoot me a line below.  Happy Saving!


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SMC Book Club: The Woman I Wanted to Be

Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light. – Vera Nazarian

I am an avid reader and every year I set out to read at least 12 books a year.  It’s a resolution that when of making, seems simple.  But yet, as the year goes on I find myself getting caught up in things that pull my focus away.  That 12 book goal starts feeling like 1200 books.  Last month, in a few moments of downtime, I took a pink post-it and made a list of books that I have been wanting to read.  I then took it a step forward and bought the first book on my list.  It was an autographed copy, at that! Afterward, I told my girlfriends from work who also seemed interested in some of the reads on my list and [insert angel choir here] the birth of the She Makes Cents Book Club was born.  For the past month, I kept going back and forth about whether I would present it to the world as a monthly book suggestion, book review, or a book club and then I remembered about why I love books in the first place.  Reading and discussing books with other people allows you to understand the same material, often time from a different point of view than one’s own.  That is one of the things I miss about college… the ability to have an open dialogue about a multitude of subjects.


So Here Is How It Will Work:

Every month we will select a new book and announce that selection a week before the start of every month.  This will give you time to go to your local bookstore, library, or download to your device. Selections for the books will come from readers suggestions and the list I started on the post-it.  We ask that selections embrace powerful women, business cents, fictional favorites, and anything that informs and inspires us to be the people we aspire to be.  With that being said, I am happy to announce the SMC Book Club: January Selection to be The Woman I Wanted to Be by Diane von Fürstenberg.  I have always been a fan of her as a woman and I was so happy to see that she is exactly who I hoped her to be when watching her reality show “House of DVF”.  This book explores the subject of her roots, love, beauty, and business; thus, making it the perfect choice for our January Selection.  I hope you pick up the book and join the SMC team as we read our January selection.  Discussions for this book can be found in the comments below starting Monday, January 5th. She Makes Cents | Money, Career, & Lifestyle Blog for Goal Setting Millennial Women

{50/20/30} Beginner’s Guide To Saving, Spending, & Living Life

I always say that every financial rules may not work for you and your financial situation.  No one can tell you exactly what amount to save, what amount to spend, and how exactly you should invest; however, when people find something that works…you should find a way to make it work for you.

Currency in envelope

Three percentages that may change the way you live, spend, and save are the 50-20-30 rule, as explained by the good folks over at Forbes.

Check it out!

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Beginner’s Guide to: Understanding Financial Terms

As a millennial woman, I know many of my peers shy away from conversations about money and becoming financially fit for fear of looking dumb for not knowing the basics. Financial terms are spoken and we hear Charlie Brown’s teacher and stop listening. I want to help break down self-imposed barriers that could be keeping us from confidently making smart money moves. In an interview for Mint, I was asked off the record if I thought that women view money management differently than men. While some people believe women are not confident in making big financial decisions, I’m inclined to disagree.

When armed with the proper tools to make sound financial choices, women prove to be confident, powerful, and commanding in their financial choices.

Every week, She Makes Cents will introduce a financial term with hopes to empower you to expand your financial literacy. For some this is a refresher and for others, it may be the first time that you understand, what these terms mean and how they affect YOUR money. Either way, you are arming yourself to take the lead in your own financial situation and achieve the goal of living the fabulous life while being financially savvy!

If there is a financial term you want explained, shoot us an email and we will answer it on the site. Stay tuned tomorrow when we talk investments and returns.

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Extra! Extra! Read All About it! She Makes Cents Hits MAJOR Milestone!


This has been a very busy week for SheMakesCents.com, the chic and sassy money-saving site for women that inspires ways to use your “cents” to live a fab life. I am proud to announce the site has hit the 2 MILLION views mark and I wrote my 500th post…all this week!  I want to take a moment and extend gratitude to each of you who have taken the time the read my posts, comment with your thoughts, share with your friends, and trust me with your personal stories of financial worries and successes.  celebrationSo no more sleeping in today.  Rise and shine, lovelies…..get glammed up and celebrate!.  I plan to celebrate this milestone in blogging and I urge you to celebrate your financial milestones- big or small.  There is no cookie cutter definition of the fab life and each of us are proving that as we redefine what it means to us.  The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams and I thank you all for helping me see mine materialize.

xo, Danielle

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{Week 16 Update} 52 Week Money Challenge

52 Week ChallengeHello Lovelies and Happy Friday! We are coming to the end of week 16 of the year. So far, I have saved an extra $370.00 as of this morning when I crossed off number 11 from the Bingo Money Saving Sheet. I know many people make grand financial goals in the beginning of the year in the form of New Year’s Resolutions. The intentions are good but somewhere along the lines, people justify giving up on their resolutions because they did not make them a part of their routine. I am here to urge you if you never tried this or even if you did and stopped along the way to start the 52 Week Money Challenge (Bingo Style). You don’t have to wait until next year to start because the beauty of this challenge is that you can start anytime.  If you want my Bingo Sheet, send me an email!

Happy Saving!


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{Week 8} 52 Week Money Challenge

Hello lovelies. It’s week eight of my 52 Week Challenge and so far I have saved $190.00. While that may not sound like much, especially over the course of eight weeks, it will still add up to over $1300.00 even before I up the ante with the bonus boxes I added to my Bingo style sheet.  Since announcing my bingo style, I have been flooded by emails from people who are joining the challenge in hopes to save a little extra money to buy a car, pay down debt, save for a wedding, and finally take that vacation they always wanted.  What makes this challenge unique is I don’t even miss the money I put aside since it has been so easy to keep up.  Every Friday I pick a box and use that money to help me pay off my credit card.  My goal is to have a zero balance by August 1st of this year! 

Bingo Style She Makes Cents

What are you saving for?


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{Financial Cents} Say No Social and Yes to Finances!

During the infancy of She Makes Cents, I started reading Shoo…Jimmy Choo by Catey Hill. This, I admit, was another book I picked up because I like the title.  In it, Hill goes beyond the standard advice to create a spending chart and record everything you spend your money on in it. She adds the recommendation to also include additional information such as who was with you and the motivation behind your purchase. I did this for about two months and learned that I often spent extra money when I was with one particularly close friend. I usually spent money on expensive lunches and after reviewing the spending chart, my motivation behind my spending was purely emotional. I didn’t realize that was I was spending a great deal of money simply because I missed hanging out with her like I did when I was in college. Fast forward almost two years later where I started repeating the pattern of emotional and socially inspired spending. With my current job, I got back into the habit of frequently going out to lunch with the girls. I didn’t want to miss the great conversations but most importantly, I didn’t want to appear anti-social.

At the start of the year, something clicked for the Mr and me. Our view on how we spend money as a couple and individually has narrowed. We have become super serious about saving and making better decisions on how we spend our money. Does that mean no lunches with the girls? Absolutely not! It does mean that I won’t be going with them EVERY DAY for lunch or drinks after work, though. Instead, I am cooking more at home and packing more lunches. As much as I hate to decline a social invitation, I would hate it more if the collective whole of my socially motivated financial decisions were the reason I wasn’t truly living a fabulous debt free life. I am proud of myself. I find that I’m eating better and cleaner. I also becoming a better cook, which is always a plus, but more importantly, I have learned to say no to social and yes to finances!

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