{Week 8} 52 Week Money Challenge

Hello lovelies. It’s week eight of my 52 Week Challenge and so far I have saved $190.00. While that may not sound like much, especially over the course of eight weeks, it will still add up to over $1300.00 even before I up the ante with the bonus boxes I added to my Bingo style sheet.  Since announcing my bingo style, I have been flooded by emails from people who are joining the challenge in hopes to save a little extra money to buy a car, pay down debt, save for a wedding, and finally take that vacation they always wanted.  What makes this challenge unique is I don’t even miss the money I put aside since it has been so easy to keep up.  Every Friday I pick a box and use that money to help me pay off my credit card.  My goal is to have a zero balance by August 1st of this year! 

Bingo Style She Makes Cents

What are you saving for?


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