{Money Challenge Remix} How to Save $1300+ On Any Budget

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Okay, so we are just 3 weeks in and I started falling behind for my 52 week money challenge. I decided at the start of week one to try this challenge in reverse. That means I will be saving more money at the beginning of the year and less the closer we get to the holiday season. In my mind, this worked well. In reality, it could work well. So far, though, my results haven’t been all that great and the fact that the fiscal cliff has chopped a chuck out of my check, hasn’t helped. I thought to myself…”Danielle, how can you find a way to honor the challenge in a way that will not hurt you financially?”  Then I came up with the idea to create a “bingo” style format.  At the end of the year, I would still end up with the same amount of $1378 and if I am having a tough financial week, I can pick a lower amount to save.  I crossed off 52 on week one, and I will cross of 5 and 4 to represent weeks two and three.  I decided to share this to maybe motivate someone who may have been thinking about “giving up”. 

52 Week Money Challenge from She Makes Cents

{What’s Your Preference} Numerical Order, Reverse, or Bingo Style?

Email me if you want my handy Bingo Style Sheet!

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28 thoughts on “{Money Challenge Remix} How to Save $1300+ On Any Budget

  1. I would love to join this challenge. I have had the same thoughts about the weekly challenge because of money always being tight right after the holidays and during. Plus I love bingo so this will be fun for me also!!! Please email me the format and where I join at. Thank you and happy saving!!!

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  3. I like this idea; I think that I will change it up a little though. I will start the challenge the original way, then when I get my longevity pay from work in April, I will knock off the amounts normally saved at the end of the year. Let’s say I get $300.00 extra in April, I will knock out the weeks normally saved in December.

  4. It’s never too late to start this great idea! Saw this yesterday and have already knocked several weeks (Bingo style) out and have saved $39 so far. Thanks for the great tips! I am also going to try using the envelope system 🙂

  5. I’m also doing the money challenge and was concerned about the big amounts all being together in the holiday season. I like the bingo idea and though I’ve been faithful to the challenge so far I have a few upcoming paychecks which will be a bit larger than usual so was planning to knock off at least week 51 and 52 early with them. Now however I may adopt your bingo idea – thanks Danielle!

  6. I have done the challenge faithfully every week so far. I do want to ramp up a bit now, because in the Summer and Fall, there are too many back to school expenses. I am excited that I have been consistent.

  7. Sounds like a good idea, we been doing the Dave Ramsey envelope system and so far it works for us. We have paid off our Trailer,a lowes credit card this is all so far.

  8. My husband and I agreed to do the challenge this year, as well. Like most of you, the later part of the challenge will be a “challenge” and I thought of ways to break it up. I thought to do an alternating savings of week 1: do week 1, week 2: do week 52, week 3: do week 2, week 4: do week 51, and so in. That way you get a little of both and end the year at a mid-savings amount rather than too high or too low.

  9. When I showed the challenge to my husband when you originally posted it, he loved it and came up with the idea to double it instead so for week one, we put $2 in savings and this week (week 3), we put $6 in. My husband gets paid (I’m a SAHM) in 2 week increments so I do it that way… Today I put the $6 in for this week and the $8 for next week. I also plan to put in a few extra hundred as we can.

  10. I love both ideas from the post and Heather’s! I am currently on a money challenge I set for myself. I want to save $3000 by December 31st so I’m attempting to save $250 each month, which is $62.50 per week. I’m gonna try my best to stick with it. Best of luck to you both!

  11. I numbered my calendar starting with the first week in January with 1 all the way to December up to 52. I will try and pay in extra each week to cut off some of the higher weeks. For example pay $3 week three and an extra $10 or $20 as I can and change the number 52 to 32 or 42. Some weeks I may be able to pay more than others. This way it won’t be such a hardship towards the end. I also considered dividing the total amount saved by 52. That would be $26.50 each week. I decided no to that one, but it’s another option.

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