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Back in March, I was contacted by an Editorial Assistant for Mint asking if I would be interested in doing an interview.  I interview people all the time, but rarely am I on the other side of questions.  Excited and a little nervous, I agreed.  Yesterday, they contacted me to let me know that the interview was published. 

Personal Finance Blogger, Danielle Boler Vason talks women and money in Mint Interview

Danielle Boler hopes to start a conversation about how women can make smarter financial decisions and live a fabulous life on her blog She Makes Cents. When it comes to how women view money compared to men, Danielle says she believes women are more cautious – which can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, saving more creates a good cushion for emergencies and other unforeseen events, but it can also prevent big financial gain. “Some believe it’s because women are not confident in making big financial decisions. I’m inclined to disagree,” she says. “When armed with the proper tools to make sound financial choices, women prove to be confident, powerful and commanding in their financial choices.” In the end, diversifying your financial portfolio (no matter what your gender) is important on every income level to make your money work for you, she says.

We recently checked out with the sassy blogger to learn more about her site and get her take on personal finance. Here’s what she had to say:

Click here to read the full interview and find out financial freedom is important!

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{Wedding Budget} Could My Wedding Expenses Be Tax Deductible?

Have you ever had an ah-ha moment in front of total strangers? You know, when the light bulb goes off and your mind starts racing. Well, I had that moment early this summer when meeting with a bride and her CPA father to discuss her décor for her wedding. We were talking trends in weddings, when someone asked, “what happens to the wedding flowers after the wedding?”. I told them of the article I read that inspired me for my own wedding (which then was just a daydream). The article suggested that couples donate extra floral left from the wedding to the residents of a senior care facility. While there, ask the residents for their wedding advice so that they get visitors and the newlyweds get advice from generations before. I thought it was a great idea and a sweet way to start a marriage- giving. The bride’s father interjected agreeing that it was a great idea! Especially since, you could write it off on your taxes. AH….HA…..MOMENT!Tax Deductible Wedding copy

Who knew that some wedding expenses are tax-deductible? I starting researching wedding related tax-deductions using an online tax calculator in planning my own wedding and I was surprised by what I found.

Click here to  find  the secrets behind tax-deductible wedding expenses and how they can work for you!

What are your thoughts on tax-deductible wedding expenses?


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{Hello Spring} March Photo-A-Day Challenge

I am super excited for the month of March.  On Saturday, March 1st we will celebrate 3 Years of financial literacy and fun here on You can help kick off the photo challenge right by wishing us a Happy Blogiversary!  On the 9th we celebrate Colin’s birthday (who is Colin, you ask…click here to find out why I think he and his story is worth knowing) and on the 20th we officially welcome spring to the new year.  To switch it up, I ask that you use #shemakescents and tag us with your uploads @shemakescents!  The best pictures will be posted throughout the month!
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