{Business Cents} Public Resignations- Bad Business Move Or Branding Opportunity

If you haven’t heard of Marina Shifrin yet, you won’t be able to forget her after seeing her video that has gone viral since it was posted last week. Forget the two weeks notice,  Shifrin, 25, quit her job while “dancing” to the  song Gone by Kanye West.  For  almost two years I’ve sacrificed my relationships, time and energy for this job, in which my bosses only cared about the quantity and views of the videos they made,” explains Shifrin, former employee of a New Media Animation.  Some may consider it a bad business move to make a major career decision so publicly, but believe it or not, she has  received several job offers based off her creativity.  In some ways, the video will help to “brand” her.  Her chances of being hired are greater  if she choses an innovative career path like social media, but for the more traditional of companies, this could signal what many people refer to as “Millennial Entitlement”.   I would never have the guts to do something like this, but I she is on my rock star list at the moment.  Life is too short to waste doing something that makes you want to quit your job at 4:30am…alone in the office… via youtube.  Time is the only form of currency that you can’t get back, so spend your time doing something that makes you feel awesome! 

 …. and of course her former bosses have a responded with… another video.

Do You Think This Was A Bad Business Move?


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7 thoughts on “{Business Cents} Public Resignations- Bad Business Move Or Branding Opportunity

  1. I think it was a good business move. She’s clearly showcasing her skills and would be a hot commodity for any competitors of the former company. Tech companies are so beyond the older ways of thinking so I don’t think she’ll have any issues being hired in the future. Best of luck to her!

  2. I have to hand it to her. I don’t think that I could do it but I think that’s a testament to my generation versus hers. We’re much more afraid of the end result where as the millennial’s just assume there is something better out there.
    Also, it’s brilliant. She basically just created a viral resume. “Hey I have these wicked skills in video creation + content editing. I’m eager to do more and I have a pretty good sense of humor.Oh and I can get you guaranteed traffic” Boom. Problem solved. I’d love to see where she is in 6 months.

  3. Ha, seeing that her boss made a funny video right after her I dont think it was that bad. It was a bit sarcastic mentioning everything she complained about but whatever. I think i’m sure they will get a lot of job applications to refill her spot.

    1. If I wear considering applying there, her video might make me reconsider. After their video response though, they probably will get lots of applicants. Thanks for your comment and for visiting She Makes Cents.

  4. This was absolutely NOT a bad business move…….it was brilliant! This young lady has a very bright future and will be very successful. NO GUTS…..NO GLORY!

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