{Every Woman Should Know} How Much You Should Tip

pizza-margherita-2Everyone has a different tipping policy, which was clear from the vibrant discussion on the  SMC Facebook page.  I for one will always tip, even if the service is terrible.  When going out, always try to remember to keep cash on hand and your budget in mind.  What does that mean?  It means you need to consider the tip, parking fees, and any other areas where you will come out-of-pocket when you consider treating yourself and/or others.  It may sound severe, but if you cannot afford to properly tip, then you probably cannot afford to eat at that restaurant or upgrade that massage. 

Tipping Cheat Sheet

Do You Tip Even If the Service is Bad?header-logo-2017

3 thoughts on “{Every Woman Should Know} How Much You Should Tip

  1. I tip sometimes if the service isn’t good, but it also reflects on the service, mostly 5%, But if the service is really bad. I do not tip. But more often than not in my area the service is pretty good, so 15% to 20%. But i agree with the other comment that management should pay their employees wages and not their customers. And if service is good then if you want to add something extra, that should be up to you, instead of feeling like you have to, even if the service is bad. I really don’t understand how they get away with that.

  2. Yes, we tip if the service bad, but a tip that reflects that. I don’t really understand tipping though. I mean, if it is meant to be me tipping someone for excellent service, then it shouldn’t be expected. If it is meant to be part of their daily salary, shouldn’t it come in the form of their paycheck? So restaurants charge a large amount of money and pay their employees next to nothing, so I have tip no matter what kind of service I receive? Doesn’t really make sense to me and now it seems to be extending to hair cutters and many other people. How does one know who they are supposed to tip and who they aren’t? When is tipping charity rather than for good service or even remotely job related? Sorry, but tipping for crappy service seems like charity to me.

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