{Lifestyle Cents} Highly Successful People Make This Type of List…

she decided to start living the life she imagined…

I’m always reading something and back in December, I came across another one of those Things Successful People Do Differently articles. This article, however, has changed the way I approach goals for myself. As I was going down the list, I was giving myself mental gold stars for every bullet point that I was doing at that time. Read something educational everyday- Check. Keep a To-Do List- Check Check

Then the article mentioned that in addition to To-Do lists, which I am notorious for making, highly successful people are said to make and keep a current “To Be” list. I immediately grabbed a pen and paper and started listing who I wanted to be. Why hadn’t I thought of this before? Or had I? She Makes CentsLike so many people, I have taken to Pinterest to design my perfect hypothetical wedding, plan the design for my perfectly organized home, cook like a chef, have a body like a model, a bank account like a Hilton (seriously with all of the high fashion pins I have, I would need that type of budget) and if I were anything like my Pinterest persona, I was able to drop random knowledge about random things at the drop of a hat. Did you know that marshmallows help brown sugar stay soft?  Perhaps, I thought to myself, these boards I created for myself are puzzle pieces that make up the person I’m looking to become.  My To-Be list is a daily reminder to do something that helps me be the person I want to be. Every time I look at my list or add something to it, I become laser focus on becoming the person I want to be.
Check Out Some of the Points from my December To-Be List:

I want to be…

organized, punctual, chic,
polished, grounded, fit,
supportive, well spoken, charitable, prepared,

financially free

Yes, I will continue to pre-plan my wedding because I hope to be a bride someday. As far as having a home that reflects my style, why wait. I have yet to pin a picture of a beautifully decorated home that was cluttered and unorganized. Before trying to spend money on more stuff, I have started simplifying and repurposing what I already have. Instead of just pinning pictures of delicious looking meals, I have started to cook the very recipes I was saving. As far as my high fashion pins, I know it is smart to have investment pieces so I must choose wisely.  I decided to start living the life I imagined by penning it (pen to paper) and acting accordingly… you know instead of just Pinning It. 

Who Do You Want to Be?


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