{The Green Experiment} How Going Green Can Save You Green

The Green Experiment, have you heard of it? If not, let me be the first to introduce how “going green” with your finances could really save you money. At its most basic level, it is doing away with your debit and credit cards and living off cash for a specified period of time. Did you know that most people spend more when they pay with cards over cash? One psychologically reason for this is that people can’t “see” the money dwindle down when using cards. If you are using the oh so fab, envelope system, you are already living a green life. For others, this experiment might not be as easy as it sounds.  For those of you up for the challenge, let’s see how you do for ONE week with cash only.  My thoughts… you will start saving money because you can physically see your wad dwindle with every purchase.   Hopefully, this will cause you to determine to spend or to save. Sophia Banay from Glamour magazine adds, “all you need to determine whether you can afford something is peek in your wallet.”  If you are down for the challenge, She Makes Cents is going green starting Sunday, August 5th.

Are You Down for the Challenge?


Email SMC: shemakescents@gmail.com

10 Simple Ways to Be Green and Save Money in the Process










Change All Your Light bulbs to Energy Efficient CFLs
CFLs use almost half the energy as typical light bulbs. That adds up to be a lot of power. CFLs also last much longer than other light bulbs. This switch can easily save a small house $100 dollars a year or more.
Bike or Walk
Gas is over 4 dollars a gallon now and biking or walking someplace can save you loads of cash. If you commute 20 miles to work every day you will spend approximately $2000 on gas a year.
Eat Less Meat
It’s much cheaper to eat plant-based foods rather than meat. Meat also has a huge ecological impact because large amounts of grain must be grown to feed livestock.
Do Not Buy Bottled Water
A lot of plastic bottles end up polluting in landfills. Plus bottled water costs are…

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