{SMC Announcement} Danielle Boler for FeeX

FeeX LogoJust recently I teamed up with a company called FeeX to join the conversation of about money for their company blog.  The content is a mix of personal stories, financial insights, news, and interviews and I am honored to be a part of the discussion.  FeeX is a free service that uncovers the hidden fees in your retirement accounts—initially IRAs—and estimates the damage that these fees are inflicting on your retirement savings.  Are you one of the 7 out of 10 Americans that are completely unaware of the fees eating away at your retirement savings?  I think this type of service is cool and a great way to learn more about retirement savings while adding my twenty-something voice to their blog.  Check me out!

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{Woman to Watch} Jen Ramos of Made By Girl

Meet Jen Ramos!

Jen RamosOn of my favorite things to do on Sundays is kick back and read other people’s blogs. A few years ago, I came across the online shop and blog Made By Girl, by Jen Ramos, which features all things pretty from paper goods to typographical posters!  I had an instant connection to her style aesthetic and immediately started blogger crushing on Ramos.  She then upped the ante, when she launched her new site, Cocoa & Hearts, where she sells gorgeous original paintings.  Since following her on social media, I feel like I have gotten to know her precious and oh so fab dog Darla, her family, and get a more behind the scenes of the woman behind the brand.  As a blogger and a woman in business, it is important to make a splash and let your presence be known.  She is always polished, personable, and positive and that’s why she is our latest Woman to Watch!

She Makes Cents images via MadeByGirl

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{Throwback Thursday} The Best of SheMakesCents.com!

Every Thursday, social media is flooded with the hashtag #tbt (Throwback Thursday) as people take a  moment to reflect on their past and how far they have come.  In celebration of this weekly milestone, I would like to invite you on a journey to the beginning.  This Saturday, March 1st will mark the 3 year Blogiversary for She Makes Cents and I wanted to share some of my favorite posts of the past.  Happy Throwback Thursday Lovelies! 

Broke Is The New Black

Identity Theft Credit Cards

She Makes Cents

Happy Throwback Thursday!


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