How To Crush Your 2020 Money Goals with the SMC Money Challenge

The SMC Money Challenge is back to help you crush your money goals in this new DECADE! Now it’s time for the SMC Money Tribe, a community of goal-setting women,  to accept the challenge and invest in their money and lifestyle goals in 2020. We are shifting mindsets while tackling debt, saving money, and replacing bad money habits with smart money moves.   

Beginning on January 2, 2020, weekly check-ins will take place Thursday through Sunday on Instagram.  To check-in, all you have to do is post your 2020 SMC Money Card on to your InstaStory, cross off your savings amount, and tag @shemakescents to share your progress.  The conversation will also continue in the private SMC Money Challenge Facebook group where tribe members invest in their goals by engaging in money chats and mini-challenges with the best accountability partners out there…other women with money-saving goals. Often women are left to fend for themselves with regards to money matters. This is why a community for women to discuss personal finance without shame or embarrassment is important.

In the past two years, SMC Money Tribe leader, Danielle YB Vason and her hubby used the SMC Money Challenge to pay off $30,000.00 in debt. Other tribe members, like Victoria from Atlanta, shared a $27,000.00+ debt payoff and Angela from Australia saved enough money for a 5-week vacation to Mexico and the US. Regardless of whether you are joining the challenge to pay off debt, save for the future, or save for something specific like a house, wedding, or vacation, the SMC Money Challenge is for you!

How to Jump Start Your Money Goals In the New Year from Personal Finance Blog, She Makes Cents

How Does the 2020 SMC Money Challenge Work?

At the beginning of the year, a new money challenge guide is created. Each week, tribe members select one number from their money guide with the option to add “bonus” money and save that amount toward their money goal. With the bonus option, the sky’s the limit with one’s saving potential.

This year will be the fourth consecutive year I have accepted the challenge and so far I paid off my credit card, my student loans, a cell phone, and my car.  I am not a personal finance blogger who sold all of her stuff and lives off rice and beans.  I am not rich nor did I come from a wealthy family.  I am an “every girl” that woke up one day and decided I could do better for myself and for my future.  I made a choice to change my financial future.  What choice will you make today that your future self will thank you for?

How to Join the 2020 SMC Money Challenge?

  1. Follow @shemakescents on Instagram
  2. Post this image below in your Instagram Story  (you MUST tag @shemakescents to I can see it).
  3. Join the SMC Facebook Group (this will be your home base for the tribe to ask questions, support each other, and hold each other accountable).
  4. Download your 2020 SMC Money Challenge Guides- Instagram version or Print version (Challenge Hack: Use the Instagram version to share your progress with the tribe & print the main version to add more private information to track your more personal goals at home).

How to Join the Best Money Saving Challenge from top Personal Finance Blog, She Makes Cents>
How to Join the Best Money Saving Challenge from Personal Finance Blog, She Makes Cents>

4 thoughts on “How To Crush Your 2020 Money Goals with the SMC Money Challenge

  1. Hey. Its February will I still be able to participate in the 2020 challenge even though I’m a late entry?

  2. I would like to join the challenge but dont have a Instagram page. I’m 68 and still learning the new tech stuff.

    1. No worries. All you have to do is download the “print version” in point number 4 in the post and pick a number each week. Ask a friend to join you so that you can have an accountability partner you know. It will make it more fun!

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