Engagement Photos & The Hidden Expenses I Didn’t Think About

About a year ago I announced my engagement to the Mr. and since then, it has been full steam ahead.  I started by pinning inspiration pictures and decided that one of the very first vendors we pick should be the photographer.  After the wedding day has passed, all you are left with are the memories and the photographs, so I believe this is a good place to invest your research and money.  When coming up with the budget, we wanted someone who included the engagement photos in their package.  What I didn’t think about was all of the other expenses that I hadn’t included in the overall budget.  For example, finding the perfect outfit, hair, makeup, and sometimes even location fees depending on where you take them.  All of these things are luxuries that anyone could live without, but enhance the overall experience.  I stressed for weeks about buying the perfect outfit but after all was said and done, I ended up wearing a mix of new stuff and timeless pieces already in my closet.  I found my shoes on sale  and asked a friend/makeup artist to do my makeup.  Instead of paying for a fancy location shoot, we decided we wanted our photos to reflect our lives together. We started in the neighborhood where we will be living as husband and wife, paid homage to our Atlanta University Center (AUC) roots, and ended in the heart of Atlanta, where both of us are from.   Our engagement photos and story were even published in MunaLuchi {check them out here},  the leading multicultural wedding publication catering to women of color. 

Here is a Sneak Peak of the photos no one has seen yet!


brimcdanielphotography_danielle+michael_engagement-282Photography by  Bri McDaniel Photography


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