{Woman to Watch} Misty Copeland

For years I have followed the career of ballet dancer, Misty Copeland.  Beyond her killer legs and amazing stage presence is a woman who encourages young dancers of all races and socioeconomic backgrounds to be the best they can be on the stage and off.  This week, Copeland was promoted to principal dancer of the American Ballet Theater, making her the FIRST African-American ballet dancer of the A.B.T. to lead the company, a goal that she set for herself years ago.

Misty Copeland

At the beginning of every year, I ask readers of SMC the same question: What ONE word reflects your vision for the year?  Back in 2013, I selected the word “BALANCE” and framed the picture above as a visual reminder of the balance I so wanted in my life at that time. She has been an inspiration to me and an example that hard work and the belief in oneself is the most powerful prerequisites to accomplishing one’s goals. She is unstoppable, she is glamorous, and #shemakescents!

Your Thoughts?

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