What ONE Word Reflects Your Vision for 2015?

If you could choose one word to reflect your personal goals/resolution/vision for 2015, what word would you choose?passion

Every year I post this question to my readers on the She Makes Cents Facebook page.  The year 2013 was my year of BALANCE, 2014 was my year of FOCUS, and 2015 will be my year of PASSION.  Passion is something you can’t fake, it is motivating, and a compelling energy that elevates one’s thoughts and actions to the next level.  Welcome 2015 and cheers to a passionate year!  I’d love to hear your vision for the New Year.  Please share your one word in the comments section below.


What ONE word reflects your vision for 2015?


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7 thoughts on “What ONE Word Reflects Your Vision for 2015?

  1. Gratefulness, I am trying to not over look the sweet daily blessing that come my way each day. Whether it be a great or small blessings. I have been practicing this for the last 2 months and each day is sweeter than the last. I want to make this a life time habit to see the good and the God in all things.

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