{Week 6 Check In} 52 Week Money Challenge Bingo Style!!

Bingo Style Money Challenge

It’s Friday and your weekly reminder to make your deposit toward your 52 Week Money Challenge. At the end of your 52 weeks, you have an extra $1300.00+ to use however you decide.  I do it every Friday and I urge you to do so. The more consistent you are in the beginning the more likely you are to be successful doing it. I completed the challenge last year, which helped me to pay down my credit card balance, as well as, pay for holiday gifts.  We are on week six of 2014 and I have used my savings to continue to pay down my credit card debt (just like last year). So far I have saved $99.00, every bit counts,  and I am less than six months away from a zero balance on my credit card.  If you would like my BINGO style sheet, email me with SUBJECT: SMC Bingo Style Sheet.

What are you saving for?


Email SMC: shemakescents@gmail.com

10 thoughts on “{Week 6 Check In} 52 Week Money Challenge Bingo Style!!

  1. Hi! This is my first time participating and so far I love it! I’m doing the bi-weekly form of the challenge, starting at week 26 because it’s easier to accomplish with my pay periods. I’ve already saved for weeks 26, 25,& 24!

    I haven’t decided what this money will go to yet. I’ll come up with something later in the year! I love your site!

  2. Hello!! Could I please get your 52 week challenge sheet! I was just reading about it and would LOVE to try it out! 

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