Give It To Your Woman, It’s Her Job

Just recently, I did a post about how every woman should know how to set a table. Should I have written one about how every woman should know how to wash her man’s jeans?  LOL…I think NOT!  Bad press is better than no press, right? Well, I’m not too sure about that. I was reading my morning edition on my iPad when this popped up. It was a picture taken by Emily Barnett, a staff writer for The Daily Telegraph, of the inside of her boyfriend’s jeans.  Like most laundry tags, this one gives launder instructions and then gives the option to just “give it to your woman”. On one hand, I was not familiar with Madhouse Jeans before this morning. On the other hand, I doubt very seriously that they will get my business. Not that I’m getting all self-righteous or anything, I just don’t think it’s cute. These are jeans for MEN, so I don’t think this is an issue of someone being influenced by a sexist message, but rather me claiming my worth as a woman. Sorry honey, it’s not my JOB to wash your jeans. What I’m sure is supposed to be funny just comes off as offensive. I will save money because they won’t get mine. Just my two cents…

I can’t wait to hear what you think about this:

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3 thoughts on “Give It To Your Woman, It’s Her Job

  1. WOW….. patriarchy rears it’s ugly head once more, and in 2012!! Who would have thought??

    I’m utterly speechless.

    Sike, no I’m not. You know, I might not have had too much of an issue with it if they had omitted “ITS HER JOB,” because quite frankly, it is NOT. Now, if my dude wants to pay me to wash his jeans, that’s another discussion, but there is no way that me being a male’s wife, girlfriend, or boo thang grants him the privilege to toss me his freakin jeans because he’s too illiterate, lazy, or chauvinistic to wash them himself. I would have only two words for him:


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