The Best Day to Book Cheap Flights is…

Fly in Style Jet Setter

You have decided the destination. I bet you can even picture yourself on the beach sipping something fabulous while rocking your new bikini purchased especially for this moment. What’s next? Well you can’t be a summer jet setter without a flight. So what are you waiting on? Well, a budget savvy frugalista would answer- the best deal on a ticket.

Timing is everything

Did you know the most expensive days to book flights are Fridays and Sundays? My theory is that people are trying to leave after the workweek on Friday and be back before the workweek begins again on Monday. It goes back to simple supply and demand. So when exactly is the best time to buy? Well the answer to that depends on who you ask, however the consensus appears to be either Tuesday or Wednesday. Fare Compare even goes as far to suggest that you purchase your tickets for domestic travel on Tuesday at 3pm (Eastern Time) because prices tend to go up on Thursday for the increased weekend rates. Now it is time to figure out what day you will fly. If you are looking to further your savings and have the availability, try to schedule your flight for Wednesday morning. According to Fare Compare, “Wednesday is one of the three cheapest days, the others are Tuesday and Saturday (Friday and Sunday the most expensive days to travel). The cheapest days to travel internationally are a bit different”.

Discount Tickets

Travel Zoo: this is site the “Google” of travel searches. It allows you to compare multiple travel sites in one search. You simply type in your intended date of departure and whether your trip is one-way or roundtrip and Travel Zoo does the rest.

Hotwire: “No booking fees. Ever” is the motto that they are known for. This site offers deals up to 40% off with a daily feature of called “Today’s Top Deal”. In addition to their great savings, Hotwire features the link, Trip Watcher, which alerts you about price drops on trips that you want.

Travelocity: US cities on sale now for $79+. Just so happens, a “low fare alert” for Atlanta popped up today.

There’s an App for That!

I get emails all of the time for special offers and rates. Let technology work for you by signing up for email updates, signing up for “low fare alerts” from discount travel sites like the ones mentioned above, and check out the App Store and the Android Market. Most of the airline companies have become more technologically savvy and created an app for their loyal customers. It’s worth checking out!

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