The Best Day to Book Cheap Flights is…


Fly in Style Jet Setter

You have decided the destination. I bet you can even picture yourself on the beach sipping something fabulous while rocking your new bikini purchased especially for this moment. What’s next? Well you can’t be a summer jet setter without a flight. So what are you waiting on? Well, a budget savvy frugalista would answer- the best deal on a ticket.

Timing is everything

Did you know the most expensive days to book flights are Fridays and Sundays? My theory is that people are trying to leave after the workweek on Friday and be back before the workweek begins again on Monday. It goes back to simple supply and demand. So when exactly is the best time to buy? Well the answer to that depends on who you ask, however the consensus appears to be either Tuesday or Wednesday. Fare Compare even goes as far to suggest that you purchase your tickets…

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