Versace for H&M

Pass that Ver-sa-ce ~Kanye

I am too excited! Versace and H&M have teamed up to bring you designer clothing on a budget as the H&M’s autumn 2011 designer collaboration. According the press release by H&M, “the exclusive collection will look back to the vibrant heritage of the brand, full of leather, prints, colour and exuberance in exclusive materials at fantastic H&M prices. The collection will include ranges for women, men and selected pieces for the home. It will be available from 17th November in around 300 stores worldwide, as well as on-line”
Versace is glamourous, colorful, and not for the faint of hearts. Check out Donatella wearing one of the dresses from the Versace for H&M collection at the Versace men’s fashion show in Milan June 20th, 2011:

Below are pictures from Versace Fall 2011 collection:

For More Information:

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