{Time Is Money} Are You Spending Both Wisely?

Time is Money Quotes from Danielle Vason of shemakescents

It’s safe to say that we have all heard the phrase, time is money.   But what does that really mean?  When considering the quote above, I would say it means that time is valuable.  We can easily recognize the value of money, how great we feel when we spend it wisely, and how annoying it is when we feel that money is wasted.  Those same paradigms should be applied to what I believe to be the most valuable currency that we all have- our time.   

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For those who know me personally, you know that I’m the type  who is all about time and the numbers.   I’m the girl who broke down how much she makes per minute to show just how much my time is valued in the workplace.  We have all heard it before that time is money; however, I guess I have always thought about it in terms of one’s career…especially when I was billing my time at one of Atlanta’s top law firms.  When thinking about time as currency, are you spending yours well?Time is Money