{SMC Experiment} Wall Stencils Instead of Wallpaper

I have been waiting until I completed my stencil project to show you the results. If it wasn’t my VERY FIRST post, it was one of my early ones, Buy vs. DIY: Wallpaper vs. Stencils, where I decided to take on the challenge… and I do mean challenge of stenciling my entire guest bathroom. It almost took me an entire year to do it, partly because I was super busy doing other things like planning other renovations and updates in the house, working, and actively NOT working on the wall. I will say it definitely takes patience but I am happy to announce that I am more than pleased with the results.   

Check out the Guest Bath!!

This was an in progress picture, hence the green Frog tape and blue painter’s tape to keep my pattern in line.

Now that the project is complete I can truly answer the question, Buy v. DIY. The answer may surprise you, though. If you are trying to make this decision on a purely financial basis, you might break even. I spent more money than expected on paint and adhesive. I didn’t realize that the Flash Bronze came pint size, so I found myself going back and forth purchasing small things of paint. Expenses really add up quickly since you have to purchase or make the stencil, base coat paint, paint to be stenciled, brushes, trays, tape, and adhesive spray. I would suggest comparing ALL of those costs to the price of wallpaper.   Would I make the same decision knowing what I know now?  Maybe!  Check back next week to learn my tricks I learned along the way that would make a second stencil project a breeze.

What do you think?  I’d Love to Hear!


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