{SMC Summer Reading List} What Are You Currently Reading?

It’s summer time, which means it’s time for our summer reading. When I can find the time, I find recreational reading both gratifying and relaxing. I just finished reading Room, by Emma Donoghue. This New York Times Bestseller and winner of the New York Times Best Book award was recommended by my best friend who doesn’t normally read for fun. After all was said and done, the Mr. and I ended up reading the book… and we both liked it (which could be rare since we have totally different interests). Currently, I am reading the Memory Palace by Mira Bartok, literary memoir that interest family, love, mothering, and the notion of memory as always being unstable. This book makes me think of my favorite college professor, Dr. Michelle S. Hite, from Spelman College. I find myself highlighting the most random things, asking questions along the way, and discovering symbolic patterns in the text. I also plan on re-reading Little Bee by Chris Cleave because I believe it become my favorite book.  My Mr. just finished the entire  Hunger Game series in like three days.

Do you have book suggestions for SMC readers? Sharing is caring…

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