A Government Shutdown Could Mean No Tax Refund for You

Within a matter of days, we will know the fate of the looming government shutdown. At this point, it is not an issue of black or white, Democrat or Republican, cow or pig (Grey’s Anatomy reference); it simply comes down to money and everyone will be affected in some way. If an agreement is not reached by Friday at midnight, the government will halt all “non essential” services which could last a few hours or weeks. People will be laid off. Medical clinical trials will not admit new patients. Federal home loan guarantees will be withheld. The Cherry Blossom Festival will be cancelled. Passport applications will go unprocessed. If that isn’t enough, federal refund and tax returns by paper filers will not be processed. If you haven’t eFiled before, this is the year to do it! And guess what, your returns are still due by April 18, 2011 (April 15th is a holiday). Remember, nothing is definite, but I believe it is always better to be over prepared than under prepared.
Some Services That Will Continue

  • Postal Services
  • Police
  • Fire Fighters
  • Armed Forces
  • Utilities

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