Three Things I Learned from Oprah This Past Weekend!

I spent this past weekend watching Denia, our SMC intern, become a Spelman woman while at the same time getting admirable advice from Oprah Winfrey. Like most people, I grew up watching Oprah on television as she sang along with musicians, witnessing the oh so CRAZY Tom Cruise jump on her sofa like he didn’t have any type of home training, and when she changed lives through pure acts of kindness and generosity. While through the years, I’ve had to opportunity to learn from her experiences, it’s nothing like listening to someone so poised yet relatable right in front of you giving you that little push that could change one’s life and maybe the world forever.


3 Things I Learned from Oprah:

1. Know who you are. You should be able to answer the question, who am I and what do I what? What would your answer be? Oprah answered effortlessly, “I am God’s child and I want to fulfill my highest power”.
2. Find a Way to Serve. We as a society believe that being known brings value and we place value in people and things because they are “known”. Use your status as a platform for good. When one does good things, good things will come back to you. Simple as that! Service and significance breeds.

3. Always do the right thing. It might not always be the most popular choice, but it is the right one. People notice excellence. Be excellent! Let excellence be your brand. When you are excellent, you become unforgettable. This made me think about the quote, “if your presence is not making an impact then your absence won’t make a difference”.

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