SMC Book Club: The Bliss List

“A little reading is all the therapy a person needs sometimes” – Unknown

I remember one particular time, I needed to get out of the house and clear my head.  I didn’t know where to go, so I hopped in the car and just started driving.  When I need to clear my mind and relax, especially when I am under extreme stress like I was that day, I find my way to my local book store.  I walked around, grabbed some coffee, and sat down in the middle of and aisle and started reading the first page of several books.  I bought four books that day, one of which is the SMC February Book selection- The Bliss List: The Ultimate Guide to Living the Dream at Work and Beyond  by J.P. Hansen .  I started reading The Bliss List and I immediately started to feel better, relaxed, and excited for the possibilities ahead.The Bliss List

Four out of five people are unhappy in their current jobs (and that unhappiness spills over into their personal lives). One secret to living the life you dream about, according to author and Life Coach J.P. Hansen, is to pursue the activities that put you in the zone where time stands still.

In his book, The Bliss List, he guides readers through an odyssey of mystical concepts to attract bliss into their lives by changing their attitudes and their minds. He provides insight and inspiration for readers to find work that truly brings them bliss (and whatever else they desire, including money). At the same time, and on a practical level, he takes readers inside the world of executive recruitment and shows how a powerful résumé opens the right doors to the right job. He shows résumé make overs for success and even gives a template for readers to fill in.

 Join #teamSMC as we dive into a spiritual, practical, and conceptual evaluation what makes us truly happy.  You will need a pen and paper, so this is not a book I would recommend in audio format.


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