{Look Up} Check Out This Powerful Video That EVERYONE Needs to See

“I have 422 friends… yet I’m lonely”, starts the film to the online generation performed and directed by spoken word artist, Gary Turk. I have gone through a couple of drafts for this post, thinking about how to write my thoughts on this and I must say I’m speechless.  We as a culture have become slaves to the technology we mastered.  As a result, Turk maintains we have become a “generation of idiots; smart phones and dumb people.  When was the last time you calculated a tip without using a tip calculator app? I am that girl who pulls out her phone when there is a lull in conversation. I have friends who stop beautiful and organic moments to document it.  As a culture, are our attention spans shortening, are we losing basic communication skills, or are we that in need of attention or validation?  I’m not going to leave my technology at home, but I do pledge to #lookup more often.

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