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I have started to create a bucket list and I have found that actually doing a lot of things requires a lot of money. How do I fund my bucket list activities on a budget?

Congratulations on starting your bucket list or a kick ass lifestyle list, as one blogger refers to it. I think that is pretty awesome! I have found that bucket lists activities bring happiness and remind people to have fun and be open to new experiences. However, paying for these experiences can quickly add up. My bucket list is a mix of activities and experiences that could break the bank or that don’t require any money at all. First off, I would evaluate the items you have listed on your list already. Do they all include some type of financial component? If so, try adding some free activities that you always wanted to do but never made time for. I’ve always wanted to witness a birth and that’s free. Next, try signing up for flash sale sites like Groupon.com, HalfoffDepot.com, and Living Social because they are always having great deals. I’m not sure what exactly is on your list, but I can show you some of the deals I have found that correlate with my own list (btw, if anyone wants to donate to my bucket list fund, email me:)…:


Another way you can help to fund you bucket list/kickass lifestyle list is by adding an additional category to your financial budget. Assuming you divide your income, you could start a rainy day fund by putting aside extra change into a piggy bank and cashing it in every few months, add $10-$20 here or there by reducing your Starbucks visits every now and then, or even ask for activities for gifts for your birthday, graduation, anniversaries, or special holidays. People used to laugh at me for saving pennies. I thought then and I still believe now that every penny counts and it proved true the first time I emptied my little red wagon that held about $75 in spare change. That $75 could have paid for the Smoky Mountain Adventure Package, above, which includes zip lining, rafting, river tubing (something I’ve done before and really enjoy) and horseback riding (another pastime I once enjoyed). Lastly, I would try to space out the activities. You don’t have to become a adrenaline junky overnight. Overall, remember that it is supposed to be fun and even life altering.. don’t get caught up in the finances.

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