{Cheers to 2013} We Made It Video & NYE Messages Of Peace

The year 2012 has been filled with exciting and life changing experiences and of course, Google has captured it all in a YouTube video. From the US presidential elections to the Olympics, from births to passing’s, things we Googled and things we will never forget. When looking back, I can’t help but acknowledge how great this year has truly been. While I may not have the riches, I am living a rich life full of people who care about me and in the end, that’s all you can ask for. Although I don’t live in New York and I will be watching the Peach drop tonight, I will keep the message of peace in the forefront of my thoughts. “Let There Be Peace” is the theme reflected in 2013 Times Square New Years Eve Ball. This year people are asked to share their messages of peace that will be printed onto the confetti released at midnight. You can submit your messages in one of three ways:

Sentiments of peace can be shared until December 31st at 5 PM EST:

           1. Tweet your message with hashtag #PeaceNYE
           2. Post to Waterford’s Facebook page with hashtag #PeaceNYE
           3. Post to Times Square’s Facebook page with hashtag #PeaceNYE

Happy New Year!


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