{Money & Relationships} Who Should Pay for the First Date?

You just met this guy. He appears to be as nice, intelligent, and handsome as your friend said he would be… and did I mention he is a gentleman too. After sort of getting to know each other as best you can over casual first date, the bill comes….Who Should Pay for the 1st Date

Who Picks Up the Check?

I have always adopted that paradigm that planning and paying for the first date is apart of the courting package. However, my parents didn’t raise a fool. Regardless of my expectation of the bill being taken care of, at least for the first few dates, I would never leave the house without cash tucked sweetly away in my clutch.  Offer to pay the tip at least by the third date and surprise him by planning and paying for a date on your own.  So for those of you who believe that the man should take care of the first date, does that include everything…valet tip to parking or does it end at the table? 


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