{Every Woman Should Know} How To Jump A Car

I had to learn how to “jump” a car out of necessity. It was a reactive skill because for months, my then new Mercedes C-Class had major battery drainage issues. Instead of being a damsel in distress, I became the type of woman who could jump a car in 4 ½ stilettos thanks to my Dad and the Mr. Let’s be honest, what’s the good in keeping jumper cables in your trunk for emergencies if you don’t know how to use them? I remember years ago having to jump my car from my friends Mercedes SUV. Her instinct was to call AAA because she was sure I was going to blow up her truck. We both drove off happy and inspired. I was happy to be on the road again and watching me doing it for myself inspired her because she had always depended on others in situations like.

Check out this super easy chart as a refresher for a skill “Every Woman Should KnowSMC- Jump A Car

What Was The 1st Car You Ever Had?


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