{Reader Success Story} A Shockingly Easy Way to Save Money for Fun

In my posts on this site, I share my progress toward financial freedom sort of like a diary to the world.   Sometimes the stories reveal  my failures and the things I learned from the experience so you don’t make the same mistakes.  More often than not, my stories are transparent accounts of gained confidence in regards to my financial literacy.    Every week, I have diligently crossed off numbers on the 52 Week BINGO Money Sheet and I update you on how those funds are being used. As of week 15, I have saved $590.00 extra dollars that I have put toward my credit card debt.  I am proud of myself but I am equally proud to know I haven’t been on this journey by myself. This week, I wanted to shift the focus off me and begin to  share the stories of other smart women who are kicking debt’s butt and redefining the “fab life” for themselves.  Our very first reader’s profile is from Alysa T., a 28 year Marketing and Communications Manager out of Washington, D.C.  A friend referred Alysa to shemakescents.com about 3 years ago and interestingly enough, the BINGO Money Challenge was the first article that she read.Alysa copy

When asked why she decided to join the challenge, Alysa explained, ” It’s a very simple and kind of fun way to put aside a little extra money each year! I think checking off all the boxes appeals to my organizational side too.  This year I’m putting [my savings] towards a vacation.  I am recently SCUBA certified and want to explore the underwater world more! It is awesome to know that she is using the money saved for things that (if you follow the blog, you already know what I am going to say) FEED-HER-SOUL!   Over the past few years, Alysa has become more than a loyal reader.  She is my Twitter pen-pal/accountability partner who sometimes sends me her progress updates before I have the chance to check-in.  I  LOVE THAT!  I love knowing that we are on this journey together.  “In past years”, Alysa reveals,  “I used it for a new computer and a down payment on a car”.  

SMC Reader- Alysa T copyThe journey towards financial freedom isn’t a easy one…if it was, no one would have debt and everyone would be building wealth.  Alysa’s  biggest financial goal is to get her emergency fund to a healthy level so she can put more savings towards fun things.  I’d say with a savings of $515.00 year to date, she is well on her way.cropped-logo-twitter2014.jpg

How Much Have You Saved on the BINGO Money Challenge?  Share Below

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{April 5, 2016} National “Go Broke For a Day”

It seems like every time I look up, there is a new “holiday” to be celebrated.  National Pet Day….LOVE, National Ice Cream Day….LOVE, National  Kids Who Can’t Read Good and Want to Do Other Stuff Good Too Day…umm, well okay Derek Zoolander.  Any who, today is apparently National Go Broke for a Day, which is like a “cheat day” or excuse to take financial risks be it good or bad, spend in excess, or do something you have been too scared to do.


Here is how it was explained to me:

National Go For Broke Day is celebrated annually on April 5.  Go ahead, go for it…this would be the day!  What is it??  That is for you to decide.  Are you a gambler?  If so, take a big risk, “Go for Broke”.  If you are not a gambler, it may be you want to take a risk with your job, a new project you are working on, buying a new home, financial investments, relationships, travels or any risk, go for it….”Go for Broke”! Take a risk and Go for Broke. Use #NationalGoForBrokeDay to post on social media.

I can assure you that if you are laser focus on your goals, saving money, and building wealth, you will not fall for something as silly as #NationalGoForBrokeDay which will likely leave you with a  financial hangover .  It may be fun to go broke for a new purse, to go broke for that new  6 series car, or to go broke seeing the world, but it is not fun paying those things off.   What’s more important to you: the burden of paying  off things you are willing to go broke for or what you acquire?  That is to say, would you rather have a new car and deal with the debt or would you rather have no debt and the car you are currently driving?

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