BINGO Money Challenge Guide

Greetings Lovelies and welcome to the 2017 version of the She Makes Cents BINGO Money Challenge! As a part of the #SMCmoneytribe you will take this financial journey with the best accountability partners….other readers like you.

Check-ins will happen between Friday and Saturday on Twitter and the She Makes Cents Facebook page. This challenge gets a lot of interest, but the most successful people are the ones who opt into the #SMCmoneytribe as well.

Free Money Guide for the She Makes Cents 52 Week BINGO Money Challenge

While I have used the money from this challenge to help pay down debt, other members of the tribe have used their savings to go on vacations, pay for professional certifications, holiday gifts for family, and to ramp up their emergency funds. By accepting this challenge, you will gain more than the financial payout… you will gain a new sense of discipline, determination, and better money habits overall.

Should you get off track, you can always catch up or start over, we just ask that you don’t give up on this challenge, your goals, or yourself. YOU can do it and you have an entire TRIBE of people cheering you on! In the meantime, print your email for your FREE copy of the BINGO money guide.

If you share your progress on the challenge on social media, please make sure you use the tags @shemakescents and #SMCmoneytribe!


-Danielle YB Vason & the SMC team