{Week 11 Recap} 52 Week BINGO Money Challenge

Happy Friday Lovelies! For whatever reason, this week has seemed to drift by slowly. I thought it was Friday at least twice this week (#epicfail). Now that Friday is actually here, it’s time to kickoff the weekend and share progress for the 52 Week BINGO Challenge. After scheduling bill payments and doing my zero-based budget for the next two weeks, I decided to cross off $11.00 this week. It was more important to me to focus my money toward savings, so I upped my savings contribution and lowered the amount I decided to save for this challenge this week.

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Thus far in the challenge, I have saved a total of $432.00 and my credit card balance is down to $2800.00.  I hate that I even got myself back into credit card debt with charges from the wedding and car repairs that happened months apart.  But, hey, you live and you learn.   I learned that even if you hit your goal, like I did when I got my credit card balance down to zero the first time, it is very easy to relapse into old habits or make poor decisions that get you right back to where you started.  It happens.  On the bright side, I have never been more focused on my financial goals as I am now and taking this step backward has inspired a new and focused momentum.  What number did you cross off this week?

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3 thoughts on “{Week 11 Recap} 52 Week BINGO Money Challenge

  1. After you’ve paid your bills, contributed to both your savings and the money challenge, if there are funds left over, what do you do with it?

    Also, do you have any tips about buying your first car?

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