{January Recap} 52 Week BINGO Money Challenge

deuces to the week and hello to the weekend!


This past Friday I was flat out sick and unable to live blog the week 5 progress report for the 52 Week BINGO Money Challenge so today’s post is a two-in-one.  Last week I crossed off $41.00 on my BINGO money sheet giving me a total of $286.00 for the month of January.  Think about it like this,  I would end up with $3432.00 for this challenge by the end of the year if I kept repeating the same numbers from the month of January.  While that sounds great for the extra money aspect of this, it isn’t that realistic for me since there were five Fridays in this month, I crossed off mostly of the larger amounts, AND did a $100.00 bonus box in week 3.

52 Week Challenge

January Recap-  By the Numbers

  • Week One: $35.00
  • Week Two: $40.00
  • Week Three $50.00 + $100.00 (bonus)
  • Week Four: $20.00
  • Week Five: $41.00

January Total:  $286.00 Total Savings YTD: $310.00

Today is the first Friday of February (and my mom’s birthday….hi Mom!).  I crossed of $24.00 today and applied it directly toward my first step in snowballing my credit card debt.

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