{Week 4 Progress Report} 52 Week BINGO Money Challenge

It’s the fourth Friday of the year which means it’s time for the 52 Week BINGO Money Challenge.  Today I have crossed off $20.00 on my BINGO money sheet.  This puts me at a total of $245.00 extra dollars to be applied to my credit card balance.  What makes this challenge exciting to me is that fact that I’m saving little chucks of money that I don’t miss in my day to day life.  I know with each passing week, those “little chucks of money” will start snowballing into something bigger. 

Caucasian businesswoman with tip jar

Here is how month has broken down so far:

  • Week One: $35.00
  • Week Two: $40.00
  • Week Three $50.00 + $100.00 (bonus)
  • Week Four: $20.00

We are lucky enough to have five weeks in January, which is great because you gain an extra opportunity to save a little more while the momentum is good and people are still somewhat on focus with their 2016 resolutions.

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How Much Have You Saved So Far?

10 thoughts on “{Week 4 Progress Report} 52 Week BINGO Money Challenge

      1. That would be wonderful! I’ve looked through the posts that I have & xabt find it!

  1. I decided to do your bingo version vs the other one. I just started it up last week but I’m at $153 saved so far. I am starting to mark off the bigger amounts first then work on the smaller ones since I’m unemployed, there’s only so much I can do lol.

    1. I’m sort of doing the same thing. I’m saving the bigger amounts while I have it because anything could happen and I would rather put that money toward a goal than spending it mindlessly. Thank you so much for your comment and please keep me posted on your progress. We are in this together!

    1. I’ve started my snowball now by paying over the minimum on my credit card even month. The snowball will gain momentum once I no longer have to make a credit card payment and can then apply that money as an extra payment to my student loan pricinpal. I hope this helps.

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