{Week 2 Progress Report} 52 Week BINGO Money Challenge

It’s the start of the year and people are still very focused with their resolutions.  For some, the 52 Week BINGO Money Challenge is another goal on their resolution list.  For me, it has to be a lifestyle.  For the past few years, I have accepted the challenge to save for a specific amount to  help with paying down my credit card, saving  for the holidays, or even saving to help out with my wedding to the Mr; however, once I accomplished the goal, I fell off.  I was doing well with a zero balance and then I started to swipe my credit card for wedding expenses so now I am back to the beginning of Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step 2. That’s why they call it a challenge because it is challenging.

Happy Friday

 This year, I am back at the goal of wiping out my $3,886.78 credit card balance completely by or before May 1, 2016.  My plan is to pay a set amount every two weeks plus the  savings from BINGO money challenge, every Friday.  Once the credit card balance is non-existent,  I can start snowballing my student loans so I can shorten the length of the term dramatically and reduce the amount of interest I would have to pay back.    Today, I marking off  number 40 on my Bingo Money Sheet (leave a comment below for your FREE copy of the 2016 BINGO style sheet).

cropped-logo-twitter2014.jpgWhat Are You Using Your BINGO Savings For? 

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15 thoughts on “{Week 2 Progress Report} 52 Week BINGO Money Challenge

  1. This sounds like an even better alternative to the normal 52 week savings plans that expect you to save the most during that holidays when it is the hardest to save! I would love a copy of the bingo plan to give it a try.

  2. I would love to learn more about this savings plan ….. Will you send the links or more info as well as a copy of the 2016 bingo style savings sheet, please? (Saving for two college tuitions – and maybe my own return to college too).
    Many thanks!

  3. This challenge was successful for me last year. I’m doing it again this year as the bingo format too. Thanks for the helpful hints! 🙂

    1. Leigh,
      Cuba is one my “have to go” lists too. I emailed you a copy of the 2016 BINGO Money Worksheet for you to join the challenge. I do check ins on Friday and hope you come back to share your progress.

    1. Well the good thing is that you are not alone. With the weekly check ins, hopefully you will feel the support from myself and other shemakescents (SMC) readers. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me.

    1. We would love to have you join us on this challenge. Please check your email for the 2016 BINGO Money Challenge worksheet. If you are interested in personalized check ins, please let me know.
      If you are not currently following She Makes Cents (SMC), I invite you to do so.

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