What ONE Word Do You Want People To Think Of When They Think of YOU?

Recently, I was asked this question and I  admittedly I drew a blank… at least for the first few minutes of the conversation.  Over the years I have gone back and forth about whether other’s views of me are important and I have come to realize that while I can’t control what other people think, I can control the energy I  put out into the world. Since the conversation earlier this week, this subject has come up in both a professional and social setting where cause and effect and appearance and reality merge. Professionally, what your coworkers think of you and how they describe you to others could have an effect on your progression within your company and/or chosen field.  If excellence is not your brand and others share their thoughts of you with others, you could seem to others as anything and everything less than excellent.

thought cloud

So I ask you…. what ONE word do you want people to think of when they think of you?


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