{Fashion Cents} Alexander Wang for H&M


BlF3fxfIcAAPEu6I’m sure you have heard by now that New York based fashion designer, Alexander Wang, will be doing a line for H&M.  The announcement was made two days ago at Cochella Music Festival and I know fashionistas everywhere are counting down until November 6, 2014 when the full collection will be available in 250 H&M stores worldwide and online.  I think it’s cool how major designers are teaming up with brands like H&M and Target to make designer labels affordable.  Wang explains in an statement for H&M, “This will be a great way for a wider audience to experience elements of the Alexander Wang brand and lifestyle.”  This is the first time that an American designer teams up with H&M, and the Alexander Wang x H&M collection will feature apparel and accessories for both men and women.  It think someone was using their “fashion cents” when they chose Wang!

Which Designer Would You LOVE to see at H&M?


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Your Thoughts?

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