5 Ways to Make Outlet Shopping More Enjoyable


On Tuesday, I took a trip to the North Georgia premium outlets with visiting family from out of time. My intention was to enjoy girl time with my cousin and Aunts and not to blow my budget.  Maybe a shirt or two, at most.  Certainly, I didn’t anticipate the goodies I would walk away with. Good thing, I knew a few ways to save even more when outlet shopping. Here are some of my tricks.

Bring cash

Bringing cash reduces my chances of overspending. Unlike a card, you can physically see your cash stack dwindle down with every purchase you make.  When people make purchases with cash, they take longer to ponder the value of what they are buying as opposed to mindless shopping.

Begin at Customer ServiceCustomer Service

Customer Service is not only full of pamphlets and maps, but also information regarding sales and special offers. Go here first and pick…

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