Eight Tips for Consumers Impacted By Identity Theft


Eight Tips for Consumers Impacted By Identity Theft


American consumers lost more than $600 million last year, according to the Federal Trade Commission, as a result of identity theft and costs associated with recovering from this type of crime.

Here are eight (8) things you as a consumer can do to protect your credit:

  • Check your Credit Report (Every 2 to 3 months)
  • Place A Fraud Alert on all three (3) credit bureau’s
  • Start Your Research (contact the fraud departments of the three major credit bureau’s)
  • Close Any False Accounts
  • File A Police Report
  • Document Everything (keep a log)
  • Talk To Government Agencies (U.S Postal Service, Social Security Administration)
  • alk To The Check Verification Companies (Banks)

TransUnion Relations                                                                                                               (800) 888-4213                                                                                                                                    P.O Box 1000                                                                                                                           Chester, PA  19016                                                                                                                 http://www.transunion.com

Equifax Consumer Relations                                                                                                      (800) 685-1111                              …

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