The First Piggy Bank

Last summer will forever be burned into my memory as the summer of 27 Dresses….well maybe more like 6, but that is still doing the most. That’s right, I was in SIX weddings last summer and TWO the summer before that. And guess what? They are now all having babies and their due dates are within weeks of each other. Saturday, I attended the first of four baby shower’s for the spring/summer season for a princess that is scheduled to arrive in June. Shopping for the princess to be, I knew I wanted to get her something special because of the relationship I have with the mom. I also wanted to get the little princess something that she can use when she gets older and remember as something that her Auntie Danielle (yep, I assigned myself as an aunt) gave her before she was a born. So I got her this and I put her name on it:

Ceramic Piggy BankPiggy Bank with Name

A piggy bank from Auntie “She Makes Cents” seems like a perfect fit. Unfortunately, it broke before the mom and dad opened the gift (that kind of hurt my heart). The gift also got me to thinking about when one should start saving. When I was little, I used to pick up pennies from the ground and put them in a red rider wagon. I would be so excited to find pennies and I thought I was rich when I got my first hundred. I poured them on the floor of my room and counted them proudly. That is my first memory of me saving all by myself.

When did you start saving for yourself? How do you introduce saving to children?

Let me know your saving stories.

4 thoughts on “The First Piggy Bank

  1. I started saving at a young age and still am VERY frugal 😉 My children are only 2yrs and 2 months, but they both have piggy banks. Throughout the year hubby and I put our spare change in their banks and on their birthdays it is a ritual to empty the change into their savings accounts.

    Its never too early to start saving. This is a great blog! Thanks for the tips!

    1. Thank you for your comments. I still have my red wagon and it still has pennies in it. I invite you to keep the comments coming and to tell others about She Makes Cents if you saw something you like.

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